JIBRI Fall Collection

JIBRI for Fall 2013

It never seems like fall has begun, at least in my eyes, until JIBRI puts out her collection. As soon as it comes out, I can see the leaves turn to orange, that crisp breeze in the air, and I can hear the pitter patter of children's feet rushing door to door in their costumes for candy. I see it, don't you?  This year JIBRI has brought the freshest and most vibrant colors out for the season.  And above all else, my most coveted favorite, winter white.  I love winter white during the colder months, but as a fan of it I do know how hard it is to come by that perfect piece in plus sizes. JIBRI just sliced through the hard times with not one, not two, but what looks like 5 pieces. Well put that in your pipe and smoke it!  My mouth also got wet, yes I said wet, with this jumpsuit in the (what I assume to be) tie dye army green. Oh yes sweet baby Jesus!  I'll take it.  What do you think? You can see the whole collection here.