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Love over Bias

This post was developed in collaboration with P&G as part of their Love Over Bias campaign.  

There’s always a sense of nostalgia that I feel when I drive past a softball field.  I love the feeling of red clay crunching under my feet, the smell of a broken-in leather glove, and the sound a bat makes when you hit the ball in just the right spot.  It gives the best cracking noise.  It’s a game that I love to play.  My mom encouraged me to play.  She thought I would be good at it. After few seasons, I was.  It’s also a game that had me feeling left out.  I didn’t look like the other girls.  When it was team photo time, I remember looking for the brown spot in the photo and thinking...I look different.  I don’t belong.  My teammates treated me differently.  A lot of the girls were friends, and I wasn’t included.  My mother, beautiful and blonde, looked like those girls, but my dad, dark and strong, didn’t, which resulted in me.  The beige girl and disrupting what would have been a cohesive team photo.  My mom always put me in a lot of spaces where I may be the only brown person in the room. It taught me how to be in spaces where some would believe that I didn't belong, but I would prove them wrong every time.  Needless to say, while playing softball I worked my way to be 2nd basemen and number 4 in the batting roster.  If you know anything about batting roster, number four is usually a dominant hitter and can be counted on for bringing their teammates to home plate.  My mom always fought for me to be in spaces that would elevate me as a person in some way and she never cared if anyone thought I should be there.  She always recognized my talents both academically and otherwise and made sure that I had the same opportunities everyone else did.  
Love Over Bias is a powerful campaign from P&G for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 that speaks about the biases that athletes have to overcome because assumptions about their abilities that are based on race, gender, disability, religion or socioeconomic status instead of their actual ability.  It also highlights how integral moms are in helping their child overcome these biases.   I love this campaign because it shows you how moms are their kid's first champion and how vital it is for those kids to listen to the voice of the women that loves them instead of the biased views.  

Please share your story on how your mom cheered you own in the face of adversity.   

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