Shapewear Horror Story Giveaway

My worst shapewear experience was when I was in NYC, in a jumpsuit and I had been out walking all day in the middle of summer.  My shapewear was digging into my thighs so much that I thought I was bleeding.  I was so unhappy.  I kept visualizing a shower and getting into bed.  When I got back to the hotel I was so chafed.  All I could do is just lay there for the rest of the night.  It was so miserable.  I have another friend who stripped down buck naked in the middle of the streets of NYC, got back into her car and drove (naked, mind you) back to her hotel. I still tear up laughing at that story.  

My most common shapewear specific questions are, "Have you found any shapewear that doesn't roll down" and "What is the most comfortable shapewear?"    The absolute worst feeling is having your foundation stuck in a roll and then you have try to dig it out in public or when your shapewear is so hot that you feel like you are melting on the inside.  I die.  HookedUp™ Shapewear combats both of these horrible problems with their specially designed foundation.  Check out their video below to see how it works…and it really does!     

I've been wearing HookedUp™ Shapewear for about a month now and is made out of a super soft and breathable material and hooks to your bra, so there is no roll down…AND that space where back fat usually pops out - it's totally gone! It's my favorite to date.  I love how shapewear is getting better and better as time goes on.  I love the silky soft feel.  In honor of Halloween, I have partnered with HookedUp™ Shapewear and they will generously be giving away 10 (yes, I said 10) pieces of their fabulous shapewear - 1 piece of shapewear for 10 lucky people! Here's how it works: Post your personal shapewear "HORROR" story. My favorite top 5 posts, win!  Don't have a shapewear horror story?  Well don't feel left out, the next 5 winners will be chosen randomly.  Best part? The winners get to choose the size and style they prefer! All entries, including the "horror story" must be entered though the Rafflecopter widget.  There are up to 6 ways to enter.  Travel to the bottom of the post to enter.
Plus size shapewear that doesn't roll down, HookedUp Shapewear

Alright, let's get it started.  As mentioned before, 5 of the winners will be chosen for their best "shapewear horror story."  You will be able to count the "horror story" entry in the Rafflecopter.  It will give you instructions to submit your story in the comments section.   Be sure to keep your story to 2 - 3 sentences. The contest will end at 11:59 pm on November 1st. Winners will be chosen in 48 hours after the end of the contest. International entrants welcome.  Good luck and I can't wait (no, I really can't) to hear your stories.  This is going to be good.  

This giveaway & post are sponsored by HookedUp™ Shapewear.   Opinions are 100% my own