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Enjoy a Brewery Day Trip in Seattle

Enjoy a Brewery Day Trip in Seattle

Seattle, and the whole Pacific NorthWest, has always been at the vanguard of the craft beer revolution. Some of the first artisanal breweries were launched here, and it has always been the home of the best, most interesting brewing efforts that the modern beer scene in the US has to offer.

These days, it feels like there is a world-beating brewery or taproom around every corner in Seattle. While more choice is always awesome, it can be hard for anyone trying to taste the best beer the city has to offer to choose between the variety of hoppy offerings on show!

So if you’ve got a round trip cruise from Seattle planned, or are stopping off in the city on a road trip up the West Coast, here are four of the best breweries for a beer-filled day trip in the Emerald City!

Fremont Brewing Company

A wonderful local brewery, family-owned, which has been churning out brilliant brews since 2009. It’s one of the most popular bars in Fremont, and combines freshly brewed beer with a dazzling array of fun, exciting events in its large space.

Cloudburst Brewing

When this brewery first burst onto the scene (if you’ll pardon the pun), it was the talk of the city. Cloudburst was one of the most exciting new breweries to launch in Seattle back in 2016, and years later it still generates plenty of buzz and hype. Cloudburst aims to go further with its brews, trying alternative ingredients, recipes, and styles, and is still one of the most creative establishments on the beer scene today. 

Georgetown Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewing Company takes the accolade of ‘largest independent brewer in Washington State’, but while the craft beer scene sometimes frowns on larger breweries, an exception can be made here! They consistently produce ‘darn tasty beer’ (their own words), and their house IPA is standard almost everywhere in Seattle. 

Pike Brewing Company

Set in the famous Pike Place Market, Pike Brewing has been around since 1989. They are one of the oldest craft breweries in Seattle, and have been doing their thing long before artisan beer was cool. As one of the ‘grandfathers’ of the scene, they remain a big player, keeping up with the younger folks and producing delicious new brews every year. A visit here, combined with some delectable treat at the market, is a must for any beer lover!


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