Michelle Obama Dress for $2 - Mixing in some low ends that dont look so low.

I found this little vintage dress at Clothing Warehouse (the one in East Point, not at little 5 points) for $2. I preach quality garments, even some of my pieces can be on the high end of things I never turn down a great deal that can save me a little money. Its just that most times I can't find anything that is quality for such a low price. I found this cute little first lady dress on my usual random trips to Clothing Warehouse where you can buy clothes by the pound....Yes I said by the pound. If you are into hunting and finding a great vintage piece for a low price then Clothing Warehouse is your place. This isn't the first dress I have found for 2 bucks! Its a great little secret because everyone goes to the Clothing Warehouse in Little 5 Points not in East Point. The guy that works there is super nice and helpful. Everything is in huge pins and you have to dig, but I say for a $2 dress for work....count me in!