What To Wear When You Don't Have Anything To Wear

This is a go-to for me when I just can't figure out what to wear when going casual or I swear I don't have anything to wear.  Let's deconstruct this outfit really quick.  We have a blazer, a graphic tee, jeans, fancy sneakers, and a handbag.  These are pieces that I would say 90% of people have in their closets with the exception of maybe the fancy sneakers.  But overall it's a super easy look to put together.  You don't need the exact pieces I have, but just a something similar.  You can mix it up with  different colors in blazer, jeans, and the graphic tee. I will, however, link everything I have on, plus give some additional suggestions.


Wide Width Shoes for Spring

Click "Read More" below and get the direct links to each shoe.  Happy shoe shopping! 


Getting to Cuba from the U.S.

I've had the most eventful last 7 days.  I've driven cross country, moved, become a homeowner (bless up!), and went Cuba all in a week.  I didn't mean to plan to go to Cuba only a few days after I moved, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  I'm glad I did, Cuba was fantastic. You had so many questions about Cuba, so I wanted to take a moment to answer them.


Hit 'em with the Shoulders

So Tracey Reese announced that she was adding up a few dresses up to a 2X and I got excited.  I got to meet this amazing designer at a diversity luncheon, and she chatted with me on her goals of extending sizes.  Whether people know this or not, fashion is dominated by men and generally white men, so to met a fellow woman and a woman of color who has been a staple in American fashion for two decades is quite the honor. She has dressed tons of celebrities including Michelle Obama.  I've been a long time fan of Tracy Reese, so when I found out, it only took me seconds to order a dress online.  It's so important for me to support designers like her.   


LBD for Spring

I'm not sure what the weather is everywhere else, but spring is breaking through in the bay area.  Everyone should have a classic black dress, one for spring and one for winter.  As spring is breaking, you can add a moto jacket on top if you need to fight the chill.  


Finding Your Perfect Spring Coat

I promise that I'm not this cool. HA! I told the photographer this look way cooler than I am.  I just love this look.  Right now in the Bay, we are in a transition from winter to spring, so this look works great for staying warm and cool at the same time.  One of the staple pieces that I recommend is having a spring coat.  I am moving to Atlant in less than two weeks, and I will miss having spring coat weather.   So how do you find your perfect spring coat?  Things I look for are a half sleeve, trench style, and lightweight fabrics for easy layering.  You can check out some of my favs below:


The Button-Down That Wont Leave You With Button-Down Boob Gap

Finally, somebody did it! I was casually shopping and picked up a button-down from Lane Bryant and to my surprise as I was buttoning my shirt and found an hidden button on the opposite side of the in the bust area where the regular buttons reside.  The button prevents the boob gap from happening.  Such a simple fix to a very prevalent and annoying problem.  Even for myself not having the biggest boobs, if I sit down in certain tops I will instant get that big hole where the world can see what's going on underneath your shirt. Yes, yes and yes to solving the boob gap problem.