Cozy Looks for Less

I live in northern California and so our weather is a bit warmer than a lot of you are experiencing, but we do get a few chilly days especially at night.  A lot of you have asked about looks for fall that are inexpensive.  With a quick trip to Ross Dress for Less you can upgrade your closet without breaking your budget.  One thing that I recommend everyone having in their closet is a leather (or vegan leather) jacket.  They are perfect for fall, they keep you warm and they add style to your wardrobe. A leather-look jacket is always fabulous and I got this one at Ross Dress for Less for only $22. What I was most excited about is that I was able to find these amazing booties for only $40, they are real suede and in my size! I am a size 11 and those sizes can be hard to find, but a quick tip is to look for your boots at the beginning of the season before all the big sizes are taken.


Strapless Dreams

The WomenWhoDo campaign by Vanity Fair has been a special one to me. Have you ever heard the expression, "you are only good as your last sale?" So much of my existence has been moving to the next goal, to the next thing and not appreciating any of things that I have done in that moment.  The WomenWhoDo has been a constant reminder to no only Do, but to take the time to appreciate myself and what has been Done.


8 Wide Calf Over-the-Knee Boot For Fall

Boot time is here and I think it's fair to say it is one of our favorite times of year.  I get a lot of request for over-the-knee boots, so I decided to put together a few of my picks for this year and a few things about each shoe you should know before purchasing.  As always, these are my picks, but feel free to explore these sites if you are looking for something else.  Get the details on each shoe below:   


Something Different

I love this jumpsuit. It's so different and it's just interesting to look at. This look may not be for everyone, but that's okay.  Experimenting is one of the best things about fashion. You'll want to note, that this look so different on the model then it does on me.  Etsy seller, Aakasha, provides sizes small to 3X. I think  it's important to note that especially when clothes are on straight sizes then they could look totally different on you.  I got this in a size 3x.  


Not Wearing Heels Doesn't Make You Any Less of A Woman

I spent my 20s in clubs wearing heels, dancing all night and then crawling back to the car, along with my girlfriends, in agony. A common joke amongst my friends and me was "Are my feet are bleeding?"  I was young, I loved wearing heels and my feet, for the most part, could deal.  Now fast forward eight years after a knee injury (torn ACL), horrible balance and I won't have anything to do with any shoes over 2.5 inches and prefer to wear flats over anything else.   I am a fashion blogger, but I don't abide by the heel standard.



Paid for by Macy's and Refinery29. Fall is here and I’m excited for the change of colors and wardrobe. Macy's has some great items to help you with this transition into your fall wardrobe. You can check Macy's out here. Wine is always a classic trend that I use to help me transition my wardrobe to the fall. 


What to Wear Wednesdays: Fall Palette

Get details on the look below: