LBD for Spring

I'm not sure what the weather is everywhere else, but spring is breaking through in the bay area.  Everyone should have a classic black dress, one for spring and one for winter.  As spring is breaking, you can add a moto jacket on top if you need to fight the chill.  


Finding Your Perfect Spring Coat

I promise that I'm not this cool. HA! I told the photographer this look way cooler than I am.  I just love this look.  Right now in the Bay, we are in a transition from winter to spring, so this look works great for staying warm and cool at the same time.  One of the staple pieces that I recommend is having a spring coat.  I am moving to Atlant in less than two weeks, and I will miss having spring coat weather.   So how do you find your perfect spring coat?  Things I look for are a half sleeve, trench style, and lightweight fabrics for easy layering.  You can check out some of my favs below:


The Button-Down That Wont Leave You With Button-Down Boob Gap

Finally, somebody did it! I was casually shopping and picked up a button-down from Lane Bryant and to my surprise as I was buttoning my shirt and found an hidden button on the opposite side of the in the bust area where the regular buttons reside.  The button prevents the boob gap from happening.  Such a simple fix to a very prevalent and annoying problem.  Even for myself not having the biggest boobs, if I sit down in certain tops I will instant get that big hole where the world can see what's going on underneath your shirt. Yes, yes and yes to solving the boob gap problem.


Getting That Summer Glow In Winter: My Skincare Routine

Y'all have been asking me for years about my skincare routine. Please don't judge me, but I can be terrible at doing stuff, but I finally got myself together to get my skincare series of blog post. Let me admit first that my skincare routine was not always right.  I was blessed with pretty good skin and got away with just doing a general wash in the morning and at night.  Now that I am a little older I take my skincare routine a lot more seriously.  I also had a horrible breakout a couple of years ago and let's just say I got my life all the way together.  I've had what I consider to be a good routine down pat for the last two years.  Both my skin and hair get used to products after 6-8months, so I am always switching up the products I use. I also do different things in the winter than I do in the summer to help adjust my skin for the weather. Let's get into it, shall we?

The cons of my skin I have normal to dry skin, dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. The pros are good elasticity, even skin tone, and small pores. Winter drives my skin into a dry mode, so I want to combat that. I am going to list out my products and why I use them.  I am putting the items in the order that I use them.


Plus Size Second-Hand Shopping Made Easy

I get the question all the time, "How can I shop plus size clothing on a limited budget?"  Second-hand shopping with thredUP is your answer.  Obstacles to second-hand shopping in the plus size space usually include super slim pickings and hours of shopping to find only a couple of items. thredUP as taken all the work out of second-hand shopping.  They have a plethora of clothing for sale and accessories like INC International Concepts, Talbots, and Lauren by Ralph Lauren for always to 90% off retail price on their site and in their plus size section....like loads! If you are wondering about the condition of the clothing, thredUP triple inspects each item by hand to ensure every item is in high-quality and like-new condition, many of the items on their site are even brand new with tags.


When They Go High, I Go High & Low

One thing that I have remained true to in my personal style and as a plus size blogger is a hi/low shopper or in other words mixing the inexpensive with the expensive.  For me, I'm a girl you loves to peruse the to see what's new at Target just as much as I love seeing what's new Nordstrom and I love mixing that love into one outfit.  I think it's an awesome way to make everything in your outfit look high end.  For me, this is how I created my personal style.   


Mixing Pinks

I love looks like these.  You can wear this one with heels, like I did, for a dressier look, but you can also pair with sneakers (I've also worn with my Sam Edelman pom pom sneakers) and be comfy and cute. I'm usually not a cold-shoulder fan, but I'm starting to like the look in unique pieces.  I think this sweatshirt update fits the bill.