Mommy Dearest

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and as we honor our Mom's and our mother figures, I am actually honoring my mom with this whimsical look from GwynnieBee.  I was a kid that was always big, so playing dress-up in my mom's closet was great because everything fit me perfectly. HA! My mom has this teal fit and flare dress that was whimsical, fun, and just pretty. As I'm wearing this look, I think about that dress that I used to play dress up in when my mom was away.  I assume she still doesn't know to this day that I used to sneak in her closet.  I guess she knows now. LOL. 


Pretty Maxi

Do you know how hard it is to find a maxi with sleeves??? I love sleeveless maxis, but I have been looking for a maxi with sleeves to add to my arsenal.  This Melissa McCarthy maxi from Nordstrom is right on time.  You'll want to note that Nordstrom has a lot of the Melissa McCarthy pieces in-stores.  This is the perfect spring transition pieces. The jersey is soft and light-weight, but perfect for blocking those chilly winds.  


7 Things You Need To Know About Riding Bikes While Fat

I've never really thought about my love for riding bikes and spinning. It's just something I enjoyed and did.  I've been doing both on and off for 10 years. Recently, I had a reader comment to me say that her husband (now ex & yes that was shade) told her that she was too big to ride a bike.  He tried it. Honestly, being too big to ride a bike never crossed my mind.  I had some other influx of questions about my bike and riding, so I want to take some times to chat about those. 


Get in Formation With This Concert Friendly Look

I've gotten so many questions about outfits for the Beyonce Formation tour.  I'll be going in May, so I will be right there with you. I thought this look would be adorable for a comfortable (minus the shoes) yet charming look.  I linked alternative shoe choices that you could fit into this look that is both flat, adorable, and way more comfortable than the pumps.  I love the shoes with this look and would only suggest wearing them if you are fortunate enough to have box seats.  I got floor seats myself, and please know that I will be flats because I cannot.  

I know a lot of my readers want to slay at the concert, but concerts, in my opinion, should have you in something put together, but comfortable at the same time.  Honestly, this is Beyonce's night, so I doubt anyone will be looking at what I am wearing. Just the same, going for casual, comfortable, cute and having on some comfortable shoes is my advice.   I may even wear this look myself, all I need is the tank and the shoes. Find details on the look below.  I hope to post some more looks. 



This is one of those looks you just can't help, but to feel good in.  I saw this look some time ago on someone, they looked awesome and decided to grab one for myself.  There isn't much to say, but I love it.  Find the details below.


Spring Denim

When the Melissa McCarthy line debuted last fall, I instantly fell in the love with the pieces. Having fabulous classic pieces that fit great is always a must when building a wardrobe; and that is something that Melissa just gets. I am excited to add some of Melissa's staples along with some of her fun & flirty pieces to my spring wardrobe. This year I wanted to focus was on denim. I purchased a pair in the fall, so already knew that her denim was going to be a great fit for me. In this post, I have on the M Pencil Jeans in white and the Color Pencil Jean in Shell Pink.  With most jeans I have to wear a belt, however the waist in these jeans is nipped perfectly so I don't have to (which doesn't usually happen).


Warm Weather is Coming

We legit had a warm weather day last week in the Bay. It was actually almost 80 degrees.  I was thinking to myself, "I love warm weather, but let's not get crazy. Ha! I'm loving this dress, because it's shapeless. I love to be snatched, but I also love those days where you feel really free and comfortable in your clothes.  Something I like to call effortless chic. This also feels like one of those dresses that I see straight size girls wear, where there's not a lot of shape to the garment, but it's still fabulous.  This will definitely make it in my suitcase when I travel to Miami.