Mixing Pinks

I love looks like these.  You can wear this one with heels, like I did, for a dressier look, but you can also pair with sneakers (I've also worn with my Sam Edelman pom pom sneakers) and be comfy and cute. I'm usually not a cold-shoulder fan, but I'm starting to like the look in unique pieces.  I think this sweatshirt update fits the bill.


Alternative Looks for the Plus Size Bride

A lot us have thought about our wedding day one time or another.  I've gotten a lot of questions lately about non-traditional bridal looks on a budget.  I've worn all white looks a few times that some of my readers have duped and made their wedding day look.  I love it because this means (for the most part) that you are staying under a $500. Personally, I did the tradition wedding dress.  You can see that post here. If you don't go with the full gown with all the fluff there are still so many dresses/looks out there that will still make you look amazing on your wedding day.  Even if you do want to do the traditional dress, but want a different reception look this post will help with that as well.  Here are some quick tips to help you avoid some pitfalls with finding your dress:


3 Jackets You Need In Your Closet Right Now

I love a good jacket.  It can instantly change the mood of an outfit.  Besides being a great staple for any wardrobe, these three types of jackets bring a coolness factor to any look. Here you have a moto, jean, and a varsity jacket. Each have details that make each one special.  These are actually very basic items, but when you are looking for the perfect one for you, keep in mind the little details of the jacket that can make it special.  I'm always looking for cool hardware, gold zippers, pronounced buttons, and even a different cut.  Let's dive into the jackets I chose and what make me pick them. 


Plus Size Sports Bra Round-Up

plus size sports bras
As a self-declared sporty girl, I've spent a lot of my life in sports bras. I even still a wear a couple that I used to wear in high school.  Don't judge me. I actually prefer them to real bras.  If only life let me wear them everyday. I always get the question, Where can I find a good sports bra?  I've worn so many over the years, so I decided to compile a list of the bras that I've worn and liked.


Snow Boarding While Plus Size

This past weekend, I attended the MLK Ski Weekend held at Blue Mountain Ridge located in Collingwood, Ontario (a couple of hours outside of Toronto).  Let me just say that I had a fantastic time.  I was introduced to snow sports. Growing up in South Georgia and only wanting to vacation in warm spots is the reason I have never tried any snow based sports.  I love doing travel blogs and wanted to give you a rundown of my snowboarding experience, finding your plus size snow friendly gear, and my overall experience.  Please note that this will be a lengthy post. 


Winter Maxi

Plus Size Maxi Dress
Happy New Year everyone.  I'm coming back after a much needed break, but I feel refreshed, relaxed, and renewed to conquer 2017.  I'm wishing you all great and prosperous 2017.  I am moving to Atlanta in about a month or so please excuse the slow content, but I can't wait because once I get settled I'm looking forward to bringing you some of the content you have requested.  As always, thank you for your support. Links to look at the bottom of the post.


Office Holiday Party Tips

Plus Size Holiday Office Party Look, INC Plus Size Clothing
A few of you have asked, "What should I wear to my office holiday party?" Office holiday parties can be tricky, especially if your party starts right after your shift.  I partnered with INC International Concepts for this perfect office holiday party look. Let me break down this look.