Fab Look for Less: My $40 Dress

I hear all the time, I need affordable options for my closet and that my clothes are too expensive.  Welp, a good old newsflash is that I rarely pay retail for anything, I find a coupon online at sites like RetailMeNot, and I am patient enough to search. I can spend up to 3 hours a week just searching for clothing, noting sales, and looking through clearance sections.  It's my job, but I also want a good deal too.  Below is a collection that I check all the time to see what new pieces have been released and what's on clearance.


3 Graduation Looks That Will Look Great Under Your Gap & Gown

It's graduation season, and they are happening by the boatloads.  I have had a few readers inquire about what to wear under their cap and gown.  My last graduation was for my masters in 2007 (pictured at the bottom).  I wore a fit and flared black dress from Banana Republic.  I remember loving this dress, but now looking back, I wish I would have worn something with some color.  I think the contrast of the gown with the color looks a bit better.  You can never go wrong with black, but a splash of color would have been nice.


6 Summer Maxi's You will Love

We are quickly approaching maxi dress season, so I figured a round up a few maxi dresses that can get your summer maxi closet all the way together.   I got this dress in a size 20 from Eloquii.  You can find it here.  I probably should have sized down to an 18 or even a 16.  It was big on me and I'm not quite sure why, but it was.  I'm going to project that it fits on the big size.  You can find a similar stripped clutch here.  Find some additional selects at the bottom of the page.  


Where You'll Find Your Next Spring Dress - Paid for by Macy’s and Refinery29

I am an official ATLien again, and upon my arrival, spring has sprung. Macy’s has all the spring dresses you could dream up! I'm especially loving the City Chic collection at Macy's. I picked up three amazing dresses including this white dress. It seems like the perfect dress to drink Mint Juleps in. I don't drink Mint Juleps, but if I did, I would drink them in this Must Have Dress. I paired this look with wide brim hat & sandals to complete the look.


Jumpsuit Wearing 101

It has been a while since I've worn a jumpsuit.  I was in jumpsuit overload, so I decided to take a break from them.  Now Jumpsuit Judy is back, and I wanted to share some tips on wearing jumpsuits. I've heard so many women say that they are intimidated by jumpsuits.  I can understand that because there is a lot of pressure on the top and bottom to fit correctly.  A lot of us aren't the same size on the top and bottom, so that is an understandable deterrent.  Here are a few tips that will help you purchase your next jumpsuit:


What To Wear When You Don't Have Anything To Wear

This is a go-to for me when I just can't figure out what to wear when going casual or I swear I don't have anything to wear.  Let's deconstruct this outfit really quick.  We have a blazer, a graphic tee, jeans, fancy sneakers, and a handbag.  These are pieces that I would say 90% of people have in their closets with the exception of maybe the fancy sneakers.  But overall it's a super easy look to put together.  You don't need the exact pieces I have, but just a something similar.  You can mix it up with  different colors in blazer, jeans, and the graphic tee. I will, however, link everything I have on, plus give some additional suggestions.


Wide Width Shoes for Spring

Click "Read More" below and get the direct links to each shoe.  Happy shoe shopping!