Simply Pink

What's there not to love about this pink vest? The color is gorgeous and vibrant.  It quickly transitions into a dress.  A dress that you and style two ways, because of the huge collar.  I will often (and I've done this a couple of times on the blog) drape one of the collars and use a brooch to hold the drape in place.  Doing this gives you a nicely draped collar and you can create a little bit of stiffness to that will allow the collar to stand. This is a fabulous staple to add to your wardrobe.


Skater Skirt Hack

As you are updating your wardrobes for summer, a must-have for me, are skater skirts and dresses. This adorable skater dress from Gwynniebee can be a versatile piece that you can work a variety of ways for the warmer months. I've paired this dress with a pair of jeans, but you can also wear it alone.  Personally, I love the look of the skater dress, but the hem is just much too short for me.  With an ample boot-ay the dress stops right below my butt. I hear a lot of ladies talk about having woes with shorter circle skirts. An easy hack is just pairing these skirts with jeans or a pair of pencil fit pants.


What to Wear Wednesday

Oooh I know Coachella has passed, but this look gives me "late night in the desert at Coachella." StylebyDNicole has blessed us with another great look.  Both looks give you inspiration for those outdoor festivals you might be attending this summer.  Get the details and a bonus look below:


Chatting Diversity

While I was NYC last week working on all things theCURVYcon, I was able to have attended a luncheon hosted by StyleWatch (also the official media partner of theCURVYcon, whoop whoop!). The topic of discussion was diversity and how their magazine could improve their efforts in an authentic way.  I'm always excited to participate in these types of conversations, and it's so important that they are had, especially in mainstream media.  I am fortunate enough to have a diverse audience of women that come to Garnerstyle for their dose of fashion, with that said I always want to make sure that I am advocating for their inclusions. I sometimes think when the topic of diversity is discussed it's always about racial diversity. That is a huge component, but there is also body types, sizes, heights, and even religion as the Hijabistas navigate the fashion space beautifully and should be able to see themselves as well. The state of plus size fashion is at a sort of crossroads.  It seems like we are seeing more and more plus size women in media, but the same type of woman is being represented. She's 5'10, hourglass, size 12/14, and white.  The crossroads mentioned poses the question, "Is the plus size movement going to be inclusive and representative of all plus size women or are we going to be represented by one particular look, body type, and race?? These are just questions I have.


Derby Day

I'm southern, so the large hats and seersucker suits just get me all excited.  Who doesn't a love an occasion to get all dressed up, wear a larger than life and sip on some stellar Stella Artois Apple Cidre cocktails? The Kentucky Derby gave me an excuse to do all three.  I just found out about a month ago that I love the taste of Stella Artois Apple Cidre while having a day date with Desiree for her birthday.  (Ladies, a side note, if you are with you guy doing the sports thing and hate the taste of beer, but still want to have that festive feel, ask for a Stella Artois Apple Cidre. I promise you'll love it). 


Mommy Dearest

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and as we honor our Mom's and our mother figures, I am actually honoring my mom with this whimsical look from GwynnieBee.  I was a kid that was always big, so playing dress-up in my mom's closet was great because everything fit me perfectly. HA! My mom has this teal fit and flare dress that was whimsical, fun, and just pretty. As I'm wearing this look, I think about that dress that I used to play dress up in when my mom was away.  I assume she still doesn't know to this day that I used to sneak in her closet.  I guess she knows now. LOL. 


Pretty Maxi

Do you know how hard it is to find a maxi with sleeves??? I love sleeveless maxis, but I have been looking for a maxi with sleeves to add to my arsenal.  This Melissa McCarthy maxi from Nordstrom is right on time.  You'll want to note that Nordstrom has a lot of the Melissa McCarthy pieces in-stores.  This is the perfect spring transition pieces. The jersey is soft and light-weight, but perfect for blocking those chilly winds.