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Eloquii Bridal: A Miss in Fit and Style

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a dream shared by many brides-to-be. For plus-size women, the journey to find that ideal dress can be even more challenging, as the fashion industry has often failed to cater adequately to diverse body types. Eloquii, a well-known brand in the plus-size fashion world, attempted to address this issue by launching a bridal line, but unfortunately, it seems to have missed the mark. The Eloquii bridal collection has faced criticism for its ill-fitting designs on models, leaving many to question if the dresses would be any better for everyday brides.

Ill-Fitting on the Models:

One of the most concerning issues with the Eloquii bridal line is the apparent lack of consideration for proper fitting on the models. Fashion brands have a responsibility to showcase their garments in the best light possible, but in the case of Eloquii bridal, it appears that the fit was not a top priority. The dresses worn by the models displayed awkward gathering at seams that should have been pressed flat, leading to an overall unflattering look.

The models, who are professionally trained to wear and showcase clothes, should have been able to present the dresses in their best form. However, the ill-fitting garments not only failed to accentuate the models' figures but also raised concerns about how these designs would look on real brides.  To my eye, it looked like the factory didn't know how to work with the fabrics they were commissioned to sew. 

The Hope for the Rest of Us:

Seeing ill-fitting dresses on models can be disheartening for potential customers. If a dress does not look great on a professional model, it raises doubts about how it will look on the average woman. Brides-to-be, especially plus-size brides, need reassurance that their chosen dress will make them feel beautiful and confident on their special day. Unfortunately, the lack of attention to fit in the Eloquii bridal line diminishes that hope.

Potential Reasons for Poor Presentation:

The lack of proper fit, wrinkled seams, and unflattering styles in the Eloquii bridal collection raise questions about the potential causes behind these issues. It is possible that the dresses were poorly designed from the outset, making them difficult to fit well on various body types. Additionally, the lack of proper ironing or styling could also have contributed to the unappealing presentation of the garments.

Fashion brands often use professional stylists and tailors for photoshoots and presentations to ensure that the clothing looks its best. If Eloquii did not invest in skilled stylists or ensure that the dresses were tailored appropriately for the models, it could explain the disappointing outcome of the collection.

Eloquii's foray into the bridal market was an opportunity to celebrate and empower plus-size brides, but unfortunately, it appears to have missed its mark. The ill-fitting dresses showcased on models send a disheartening message to potential customers. Every bride, regardless of size, deserves to feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day. A bridal collection should exemplify the best of a brand's craftsmanship and attention to detail.

While the issues with the Eloquii bridal line are disappointing, it is essential to remember that fashion brands can learn from their missteps. Moving forward, Eloquii and other brands should listen to customer feedback, invest in proper fitting and styling, and embrace the diversity of body types to create inclusive and beautiful bridal collections that make every bride feel like a queen on her special day.


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