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Should a World Class Boxer Have a Plus Size Girlfriend: Why You Should Mind Your Damn Business

The internet is a vast realm where the good, the bad, and the ugly coalesce. While its utility is undeniable, the darker side of the digital landscape rears its ugly head far too often. A prime example of this is the recent vitriolic episode involving suspended boxer Tyan Booth, who shamelessly trampled over personal boundaries by passing derogatory comments about world champion boxer Terence Crawford's girlfriend, Alindra Person. It's high time we address the toxic inclination of nosing into people's personal lives and hurling baseless insults.

Booth's thoughtless remark, plastered across social media, questioned whether a world champion like Terence Crawford should have a "fat" girlfriend. The audacity of such a statement is astonishing, as it reflects a distressing disregard for the privacy and feelings of those involved. Despite its callousness, the comment managed to attract the attention of Twitter users and boxing enthusiasts, including the very people it targeted.

Even American boxer Jamel Herring, rather than admonishing Booth for his lack of decency, chose to add fuel to the fire, a disappointing display of how low some individuals are willing to stoop. The rapid spread of such negativity is a testament to the darker side of the internet - a breeding ground for trolls and troublemakers.

What's more appalling is the fact that these reprehensible remarks garnered any attention at all. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is essential to recognize the thin line between expressing one's thoughts and openly demeaning someone based on their appearance. It is a sad day when an individual's accomplishments and character are overshadowed by the shallow judgments of others.

Alindra Person, a woman who should never have been subjected to such public humiliation, received an outpouring of support from fans online. It is heartening to see people rallying against such deplorable behavior. Yet, the question remains: why should such negativity even exist in the first place?

Tyan Booth's track record of insensitivity and past suspension by the British Boxing Board of Control for his callous remarks only compounds the issue. When will we collectively realize that dragging innocent family members into personal rivalries is a stain on human decency? Crawford and his fans demonstrated commendable restraint in their responses, but such a situation should never have occurred.

Terence Crawford is a renowned boxer, a master of his craft who has achieved greatness in the welterweight division. His prowess in the ring should not become a platform for unwarranted scrutiny of his personal life. The fact that he has a loving partner, Alindra Person, and six children, speaks to his character and values outside the ring. It is a shame that rather than acknowledging this, the focus is directed toward thoughtless comments about appearance.

Alindra Person, a dedicated partner and mother, has been thrust into the spotlight undeservingly. Her life, her choices, and her appearance are her business, not public fodder. It is disappointing that society's obsession with appearances has led us to a point where a person's worth is measured in inches and pounds rather than in their kindness, integrity, and contributions.

In conclusion, let this serve as a scathing reminder that meddling in the personal affairs of others, particularly in a derogatory and baseless manner, is a despicable act. Terence Crawford's achievements should be celebrated in the ring, and his personal life respected outside of it. Alindra Person, like any other individual, deserves the right to live her life without becoming a victim of internet vitriol. Unfortunately, for some men this is the reason they are afraid to love anyone outside of "what is expected." Some might even forget this know that people are attracted to a wide variety of bodies.


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