Hammer pants for the Curvy Girl....probably not

I got a couple of comments yesterday vouching for hammer pants. At the request of a reader they wanted these pictures of the harem pants posted, so that it could be seen how unflattering these darn pants are. Here are an example of a non hippy plus size Jennifer Hudson and a straight size but curvy J.Lo in hammer pants. This plainly says that hammer pants are a no no. If any of you ladies have a pictures a Curvy Girl in harem pants and they look good then send them my way and I will post them as of now I have yet to see anyone that isnt super model tall or thin look good in hammer pants.

I wanted to look like this (above).

I was reading a article on what trends to avoid and harem pants or hammer pants was right there in plain site. In order to pull off the harem pants look one has to be tall & skinny...well I am tall...LOL. I ordered a pair of these trendy pants for myself probably about a month ago hoping....wishing...and crossing my fingers that they would be oh so chic. But was I oh so wrong. I ordered a pair from Evans (picture below)....nice material and they fit how they were supposed to which in my world was pretty bad. Me the fashion guru broke her own rules for the thrill of wearing a pair of hammer pants. If you are curvy clothes that fit are generally what will flatter you the most....I knew this...I preach this and yet what did I do, buy a pair of pants that I cant wear and of course I lost the receipt. Hammer pants weren't a good idea when I was 11 years old and sure as heck isn't a good idea now. The pants looked awful on me, the baggy crotch made me look like humpty dumpty. I wrote this to also let you guys know even a fashionista like myself makes mistakes, but I recognized my mistake in the mirror and thank God I didn't leave the house with those things on. You are your best judge of what looks good. I always keep it real with yourself and you will never go wrong.

They look harmless don't they.