Monif C Black Charlie Jumpsuit Review

I told you guys about a month back that I ordered the Monif C black Charlie Jumpsuit. As a fashion blogger, it's my job to honestly and objectively review fashion so that my readers have an opinion on a garment or line before they shop. we go!

First...I was planning to use this garment as a part of my Halloween costume (A cute and sexy kitty....meeooww!). There is nothing wrong with wearing a fabulous garment that you can wear again as a part of a costume ladies! :) I was super excited to see that the package arrived today. I was ready to get my costume together and to review the highly praised Monif C Charlie Jumpsuit for the Curvy Girl. Remember it from the new ad campaign?

Unfortunately...the Charlie Jumpsuit will be returned.:(

Reason's for the return:

It wasn’t flattering. In my opinion, Monif C’s line is generally more flattering to a woman with a hourglass or a pear shape. I am a pear, so I thought the Charlie Jumpsuit would look great. I felt like I looked like I was going to wash the laundry in my “play clothes.” The garment seemed shapeless with or without the sash. There was really nothing I could do to make work. Note: I would strongly advise anyone who is not an hourglass or pear shape NOT to even attempt this Charlie Jumpsuit.

1. The fabric was not quality. I can literally see through the material. When shopping, we should all look for garments made with quality fabric that compliments the body. If I ever wore this garment without a girdle, the world would see each and every cellulite ripple and stomach roll. Honestly, even with a girdle, the Charlie Jumpsuit still showed every possible imperfection. On top of everything could see right through the seat of the pants. Fabric quality is a major deal breaker for me.

2. The sash that came with the Charlie Jumpsuit was flawed. You could see the jagged edges where the material was cut. I wasn't even going through it with a magnifying glass but I could clearly see that the cut was off with the sash. It wasn’t a major deal breaker, but the sash seem somewhat unfinished in that aspect.

3. It is definitely not worth $200. When I spend $200+ on a single item,I expect quality fabric, a decently tailored product, and something that I am in love with. I never want to feel like I got duped. I have plenty of garments that were priced at $200 + (original price...doesn't mean I don't catch deals! :) and all of them met or exceeded my expectations. Not this one. I feel like this Charlie Jumpsuit by Monif C fell short in all 3 categories. I would like to note that before I bought the Charlie Jumpsuit, I assumed I would have to get the upper portion tailored because of my body shape. I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but I was definitely expecting a better quality garment than what I received.

I am super sad that this piece did not work out and even sadder that I had to negatively review a product, but I did make a promise to my readers to deliver my honest opinion on fashion and I do intend to keep up my part of the bargain. I welcome any comments or anyone's reviews from their own personal experience with the Charlie Jumpsuit.