Goodies on Black Friday

I've been home in my town of Brunswick, GA (Its a small town on the coast - we just got a Target here like 3 years ago) since Thanksgiving, but to say the least there isn't much fashion going on here...LOL...or on me for that matter. I have been on Auntie duty in literally jeans and a t-shirt (gasp) Brunswick is small, so the fashion shopping I wanted to do I had to do online. Shopping for myself took place at Saks and Jibri. Here are the great deals I got!

Needing a dress to wear to the company Christmas party I picked up the Jibri Lucy Cocktail sample originally $120, on sale for $60!

I wanted a chic staple conversation piece so I bought the sample Jibri leopard pencil skirt. The original price was $75, but on sale for $37.

Finally, I wanted to catch the sale at Saks and since there is no Saks in Brunswick, I shopped online and found this cute casual dress by Amanda Uprichard (I'm always in need of cute casual wear) in the Salon Z dept. of Saks. The original price was $255, I bought it on sale for $61.00 and I got free shipping.
Since Ive been home, I haven't gotten much time to blog, so here is a little something to hold us over till I can get back to Atlanta.
I'm interested in knowing what sales everyone else participated in. I am so siked about the deals that I really I am!!! I can wait till these are these come in the mail! Pictures and reviews will be in order Comment and let me know what you got!!!