Shoe Dazzle Review

So I have had a few people I know actually participate in Kim Kardashian's Shoe Dazzle Club. Basically you pay $40 bucks a month and they send you a pair of shoes based on your taste and style. The only reason I haven't able to participate is because they don't carry 11s:(. I did talk to friends though so I can get an idea on the quality, styles, and generally is this worth membership.

Most of the shoes are extremely cute, eyecatching, and compliment worthy.

The heels are extremely high - this be a pro for some, and a con for other...but I love high heels. I think they are ultra femimine and sexy.

The price is right? Supercute shoes for $40 a month and great way to increase your shoe collection. Every girl has a shoe collection right. Anywho, even if you dont like the shoe options you can skip that month or two or three. Please note: While I think the concept is cute I dont recommend anyone's entire shoe collection come from one designer. I also do believe that your collection should consist of shoes from the low end to the high end!


The shoes they send according to your taste can be a hit or miss. When signing up you give them an idea of what your style is, this can only be so accurate. Its not uncommon for people to have to send shoes back after receiving them.

A lot of the heels are extremely high!!! Leann, a follower and friend of mine, is already 6ft tall. The shoes seem to have 4 inch heels and 1 inch platforms, so you definitely have to know what you are doing when it comes to walking. These heels aren't for the faint at heart.

They are $40 shoes, so it is to be expected that the shoes won't be top quality, which I think that goes without saying. The great thing is even though the top quality leathers and what not may not be there, the style aesthetic is.

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