Golden Globes & the plus size starlets

The young plus size stars could take a note from Monique on their red carpet looks.  Monique walked on the red carpet flawlessly (except for disapproval of showing hairy legs).  She had perfect hair, the perfect dress, perfect makeup, and the perfect accessories.  Both Gabourey and Amber left much to be desired on the red carpet with "ho hum/blah" dresses that made them look much older than they are and neither of them picked the best dress for their body types.

I personally hated this particular green on Gabourey.  It just did not contrast well with her skin color.  Also, the fact that she has a short neck the overabundance of hair and the necklace seemed to make her appear as if she doesnt have a neck.   It was also pointed out to me that you could visibly see underarm sweat stains on this dress....EEK!

This dress is much much too old for Amber.  The waist is not as defined as it should be making her shoulders look wide.  Again, the over abundance of hair makes her look like she doesnt have a neck. 

These dress choices made me wonder,  "was there a shortage of gowns."  When you know you have an annual event, prepare in advance so you dont get stuck with such bland gowns.  It looks as if Monique used a wardrobe stylist,  apparently she didnt advise her young up and coming fellow actresses of her wardrobe tips.  Shame Shame Monique...LOL

Disclaimer - You guys already know I give my honest opinion, so don't get on me for keeping it real...LOL.