Leopard & My Going Away Party

Well I wanted to make sure that I reviewed my last black Friday purchase, which comes from Jibri. I bought a leopard, yes I said leopard, pencil skirt. I think I paid $40 bucks for it (It was a part of the sample sale). I absolutely love it. It fits a glove. I wore it to my Going Away Party. I paired it with my strapless top from David's Bridal (it was a part of 2 piece bridesmaid dress. I threw my Lane Bryant boyfriend on top complimented with my boyfriend watch and my newest, favorite all time accessory, my Tiffany's ENGAGEMENT RING!!! (And yes I am a sucker for the blue box...call me tacky if you want...LOL) Yes it’s true I’m getting married! I'm such a big bubble of happiness I just want to spread it all around!!!