I love Lucy...I mean I love Eshakti

As a regular customer of eShakti I was delighted when they sent me a piece to review. When I slipped it on I immediately thought of Lucille Ball...and with a little tulle underneath and a pair of white gloves I would be well on my way...unfortunately my clothes are all in boxes and I couldn’t find either.

I picked out this blue shirt dress which regularly retails for $49.95. eShakti never disappoints with the quality and fit for such a low price. This dress is made out of a cotton satin and the skirt portion is lined the material is also heavy. You know I am a bit obsessive when it comes to the materials that I wear....LOL...so I never worry when buying a piece from eShakti because I know the quality will be there.   It fits perfectly!  But for those who do like to have their items custom to fit their measurements eShakti offers customs for a small upcharge. 

My only con about this dress was that there was no button on the top portion of the dress to close the cleavage area..which I thought was a little weird, but really is no biggie because I can take it to the seamstress and get a button added and until then a good ole fashioned safety pin will do...LOL.

 I decided to belt the dress but it has cumber bund detail on the waist, which is also cute.  I am totally excited about the new addition to my wardrobe.  I picked this electric blue because I didnt have anything blue in my closet.

As mentioned in a previous review of a piece that I purchased from eShaktiif you are not into the ethnic glam then choose plain pieces that you style easily.  eShakti has a lot of great pieces that can easily worked into your wardrobe. 

I added (and yes they are leopard shoes)  to my attire for a little fun for a rainy day afternoon that I picked up from Target.
eShakti, plus size dresses, plus size blog

eShakti, plus size dresses, plus size blog

As I have stated before...I do love buying staples, so I did pick out some pieces for my funkier readers from eShakti.  Enjoy

eShakti, plus size dresses, plus size blog