Karl may have drank the Koolaid, but he did not know the Flavor

The Curvy Fashionista blogged on the fact that Chanel used Crystal Renn for a spread in Elle.  Pictures are below.  I have to keep it 100% honest with you, as my title is a spin off of Marie's.  Karl did drink the Koolaid, but he definitely did not know the flavor.  First off, I know that although Crystal Renn is in these clothes and will be modeling them, at this time they are not offered in anything that I can remotely squeeze into.  Second, is is just me is this spread astronomically hideous.  Never have I seen Chanel look like a dishrag on anyone.  If he ever does plus size, which I seriously doubt, but for the sake of agreement let say IF.  Would you really pay Chanel's hefty prices for this?  I love the regular aesthetic of Chanel, but this is certainly not even comparable, minus the tweed blazer, which in my opinion is still bad b/c it look ill fitted and too short.  I'm sorry I kind of went in on this one...all I can say is EEK!  I guess it has to start somewhere, but does the start have to be so terrible.

Sidenote:  As I am reading a lot of the views by plus size women, the focus seems to be more on the model, Crystal, than the clothes.   This poses the question is fashion for the curvy girl more about models and modeling than the actual garment themselves?  In any other ad a model is a nameless hanger, unless you are like are a supermodel and in reality those died out in the 90s.  Now it seems that everyone wants to be a model and the for plus size the fashion shows seem to be focused on the models rather than the fashion.  I feel like the distraction of the models is skewing our opinions on what really matters....the clothes.  Any comments?