Outfit fo the Day: We Love Colors + Zac Posen for Target

The lovely people at We Love Colors sent a couple of pieces of hosiery. Now I have been a We Love Colors fan for a while now, so it no secret that I love their tights.  I generally start buying and stocking them in the summer for the upcoming colder months.  There colors are great, but best of all they have more than regular tights.  Because it's summer I got a pair of leggings and a pair of fishet tights.  The fisnet tights are so sexy (I was singing in my head while I had them on...♪ If you want my money and you think I'm sexy♪...LOL).  I paired them with a gray pencil skirt and a Zac Posen dress that I found at Target.  I must say that the Zac Posen line is one of the best translated lines from the original line that I have seen.  The structure and details are to die for.  The only thing is what such great structure there is little chance that the average curvy girl can actually wear a piece.  I did find this dress that is strechy and has very cute details, one of which is a netting on the bottom of the dress (this is kind of hard to see in the pics).  For accessories I added a mulitchain necklace from Evans and a belt (of course).