New Designer - Introducing AlliStyle

I connected with this designer at FFF Week.  She handed off this eye-catching picture to me, so I looked at it and thought, "very cute," and tucked it away with the rest of the cards I got from FFF Week (and believe me it was a lot).  I found the picture a few days ago and it really caught my eye.  I want to introduce you to AlliStyle.   Although the pieces are very simple, they do "pop" in their simplicity.  The price range is from $59 - $118.  The sizes only go up to a size 20, which if I get a chance I will ask does the designer plan to go up any higher.  The material content does include spandex, so I am sure the clothes can accommodate a person a little larger in size.  There are only 5 pieces, but was informed by the designer that there are some soon to come this Fall.  I am very interested to see what else this designer will be doing for the upcoming season.  

Tell me what you think of this new line?