Capes on my Mind

I finally done with all my traveling and I plan to get back to blogging regularly.  I wanted to do a quick post of my cape from Ladan's Closet.  I absolutely love it!   The coat is extremely luxurious.  My coat was completely lined with a contrasting brown.  Another great thing is this coat accomplishes it purpose....keeping you warm.  It is definitely not for a semi-cold day...this coat should be worn on those extra cold winter days.  It is literally like having a comfortable blanket on.  I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  The coat retails for $450.00 (sorry I read the wrong price).  Some may feel it is on the expensive side, but I feel mine was worth the money.  I plan to have this coat for years to come.  

Ladan's Closet is a fairly new plus size company, but the coat was very well made and I think I can make a fair assumption that the rest of their coats are of the same quality.  I also know some may wonder if the coat will be warm enough since it does not have sleeves.  My answer is to simply wear something long sleeve underneath and you will be quite warm.  I must say this is probably the warmest coat I have ever bought.  

Last but not least, everyone have a Happy New Year and I'll see you next year.