Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Happy New Years Day all!  If you woke up this morning then thank God or whoever your higher power may be.  I've always rolled with God so Im going to keep rolling with him.  I wanted to share my resolutions for 2011.  

1.  Make an effort to like Dallas better - I've been quite the crab about leaving my beloved Atlanta.  I miss my friends, family, fashion, and my overall fabulous life I had in Atlanta. I honestly have not given Dallas a fighting chance. At this point with the economy going down in flames it looks like my future hubby and I going to be here for a few years at least.   So this has to be home and I have to start thinking like it is.  

2.  Work Out - I know this is a resolution everyone makes, but I used to be a regular at the gym and since my knee injury (over 2 years ago) I DETEST the gym.  I ache, I hurt...I feel like my body has aged 10 years since that injury.  

3.  Blog More - Another thing since I left Atlanta is that I don't attend the fabulous events that I used to.  This makes it a little hard to blog if you don't go anywhere.  So I in keeping with my #1 resolution I will get out more and therefore blog more.  

Now let's move into to things that I am excited about for 2011. 

1. I'm getting MARRIED!!!   I am truly marrying the perfect person for me.  I'm sending God a shout out...Thank you!

2.  Honeymooning in Europe & Cairo.  I have never been to either place and I am so excited to be going. Brian and I found a deal where we can visit cities and Europe and go to Cairo.  Cairo is Brian's pick --- I think my pick will be Paris.  Then I think we will visit a beach in Greece.  I'm excited!  We found a cool site to book a city to city visits.  

3. Working with Fashion101Plus.   Owner of Scarlett Boutique in Charlotte brought me on as a stylist to help with his new website that sends women tutorial videos and monthly clothing picks for their particular body type.  He targets women over 40, which is awesome for me, because I've generally styled women 25-35.  It definitely gets me thinking outside of my comfort zone.  His website launches today 1:30 ET....Check it out.  Joining fee is $7.95 per month.  

4.  Bachelorette Party in Vegas - Nuff said. 

A lot of my happy times are wedding oriented, but aren't they supposed to be.  My wedding date is set for Aug. 19th.  

And finally,  here are some of my favorite looks from 2010


Well I am off to go eat some black eyed peas.  I'm not sure if they are good luck or not, but I would rather not leave anything to chance.  Happy New Year's all.  I love you!