Outfit of the Day: The Bunny Hop

Happy belated Easter everyone.  So I went the cliche' route and wore a white dress for Easter.  I bought this dress last year and wore it only once for a book signing.  So I figured there isn't a better time to bring this dress out again for a 2nd round. 

Outfit Logistics

Shoes -  Navah's Closet Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Wedges $13 (Ladies she carries a lot of size 11s)
Faux Pearls - Lane Bryant (I got these probably 7 years ago)
Belt - Ann Taylor $40

One of my favorite things about Easter is seeing little girls in their prettiest dresses. This Easter I saw much more than that.  At this time I will be stepping on my soap box.   Ladies, we must do a check before we leave the house.  My fiance and I were sitting behind two young ladies at church and shockingly saw a girl in a dress that was so transparent that you could see her thong and 'gasp' entire BEHIND!  BVal (his nickname) & I looked at each other at the same time and nodded that we had just both saw the same thing.  This girl's thong was light blue with lace trim and she had approximately 5 dimples in each cheek.   Why should I know this?  I know that slips seem to be old-fashioned, but I will say you should have one on hand...just in case.  I wear them from time to time myself.  With my white dress today, I had some panty action going on so slipped my nude undergarment and 'POOF' problem solved.  She had a friend with her and I know she saw it...some friend.

I guess this poses a question of, are slips so old fashioned that most women don't own them anymore?  Do you have one?