Outfit of the Day: Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Buddy Holly

This Saturday I spoke on style at ChicFest.  It was a fashion event complete with a fashion show, fashion & beauty vendors, a fabulous brunch, and wonderful mimosas (don't judge me).  All this took place at Aloft Hotels (W Hotels) which a very chic hotel.  I have never been before, but the ambience was totally fashionable.  Below you can see what I wore.  Sidenote:  The high waist flare skirt from JIBRI is my new best friend.  I just bought in navy blue and it the chicest yet easy to wear skirt EVER!!!! I plan on getting a few more in different colors to wear during the summer.  If you  take nothing else back from this blog, pick up this skirt.    It is so fabulous, easy to wear, flattering, and comfortable it's insane.     
     Outfit Logistics

Earrings - Goodwill Thrifted 0.79 cents
Lipstick - Revlon Red Tomato

(Pictured from top left to bottom right) Juanette from Fashion-nette Work came to support me...Thanks Juanette.  She looked fabulous as usual.  A big THANKS goes to Erica from Does this Come in my Size, she assisted me with my table.  Ok so there are two girls, Michelle, she is in fabulous striped jacket they are opening up a resale clothing website this summer.  I, personally, can't wait because there might be an opportunity for me to snatch her jacket.  Come on Michelle...I am waiting on you...LOL.  Lastly, I met the wonderful Yvonne from Yvonne4Eyes who has a Etsy Shop with Card & Art Manipulations (I love Etsy people!).  I loved her unique designs.

Here are some of my favorite things I saw at ChicFest
At the event, I met Becky Henderson (pictured above in her work) of Lola Verde.  I would describe her clothing line as romantic classics.  The line consists of tops with these romantic, I would almost say Parisan inspired, floral embellished tops.  My favorite thing about the shirts that the floral embellishments weren't cheesy, but sophisticated and chic.  I am a girl who loves to wear a flower and I remember some of my flower pins from 8 years ago and I kind of shutter at how cheesy they were.  My friends still laugh at me til this day.  I was speaking with her and she says that her sizes go up to XXL and she can probably get larger sizes in needed.  I definitely plan on picking up a top in the near future.  The one I really liked was the razor back tank top with the black floral embellishment.  The listed price is $40.  

Ohh shoot check out the baby hair...LMAO. I'm kidding!  Anywho, I actually won these earrings.  I am not sure how, but I am not asking any questions.  These are apart of the Ayo Design Studio's Feather Earring Collection.  They are fabulous.  I rarely wear hanging earrings anymore (not since night life Chas has been off the scene) but I may have to rejoin the large and fabulous earring club again.   I'm not sure if you know, but my ears aren't pierced.  I thought I was the only one, but I keep running into women who's ears aren't pierced, so I thought I would share.  I have converted my earrings for years.  I usually buy a pack of converters from craft stores or on Amazon for $2.  These are even great for girls with pierced ears.  I have seen girls where the heavy earrings and their ears split from the weight of the earrings (CRINGE) so this is a great solution to keep your whole in tact.  

Ooops I almost forgot.  So I totally have to give the inspiration for this outfit to Ivonne of IvonneStacyStyles.  I met her at the DFW bloggers meetup and I absolutely love her style.  I was infatuated with her outfit and I couldn't rest until I tried a version of it.  So there you have it...an admitted outfit jacker...LOL.