Dallas Fashion Week Finale

I attended the finale night of Dallas Fashion Week 2012 and I must say I had a fabulous time. I attended three days of the events and I had the best time, so note that for next year. Tonight's event included a Red Ball Aids Awareness Benefit & Award Gala at the magnificent Texas Museum of Automotive History, hence the cars in the background.  

Dallas Fashion Week, Plus size fashion, Shabby Apple
Now for the outfit at hand.  Wearing a tulle skirt is something that I never I enter into lightly.  The thought about wearing a tulle skirt at the ripe old age of 31 had me doubting my ability to pull it off.  It's a tricky thing to pull off without trying to look too costumey or like I'm 12 (seeing as I just bought my niece one for Christmas).  I jumped into the challenge.  I figured to approach the skirt in the most sophisticated way possible and this is the outfit I came up with.  
Dallas Fashion Week, Plus size fashion, Shabby Apple
Skirt - Shabby Apple $62 (in an XL my waist size is 40 inches), Lace Top - Kim Kardashian Collection for Sears $50 (sold out, my bust is 44 inches), Belt - Michael Kors $50, Shoes -  Payless $20, Lip Color - MAC Spitfire
Dallas Fashion Week, Plus size fashion, Shabby Apple
Kiah (From the Rez to the City) & I...again

There was also awesome networking at the event.  I must shout out an avid reader, Adrienne, that I met at the Gala.  She was so excited about my blog and even though she is not plus size anymore, (she lost 80 pounds) she still is a reader.  I'm a regular girl who happens to record her life and style in a blog and it still amazes me that people are genuinely excited to meet "little ole me."  It was so humbling to met her and she was super sweet. 

Briefly, I wanted to share the next event that I'll be attending in Dallas.  It's called Girls Bite Out and it's a dinner party with a purpose.  All the proceeds go to the North Texas Food Bank.  For more info click here.