Channeling My Inner Beyonce

Beyonce was photographed today post baby bump in a figure hugging ruched dress and she looked flawless.  Ruched anything (swimsuits, dresses, etc) is almost always super flattering. The look translates very easily for the 14+ girl with the Betsey Ruched Dress by Kiyonna I paired with a red lip & red shoes.  I say if you are gonna do a sexy red, go all the way.  

Beyonce Style
I am recently became apart of the Kiyonna Blogger Brigade. I'll be featuring a look from the brand once a month, so stay tuned. 
Beyonce Style, Kiyonna
Outfit:  Dress - Kiyonna $128, Shoes - ShoeDazzle $39, Belt - Michael Kors $48, Necklace - Banana Republic (purchased in 2009), Lipstick - MAC Red, Lipgloss $14,  MAC LustreGlass Spring Bean - $14
Beyonce Style, Kiyonna


In addition to getting my Sasha Fierce on, I also was dying to try the slick down hairstyle that I have been seeing everywhere.  Finally, I have hair to do it.  This hair style makes me want to go a tad bit shorter with mine to get the ultimate "slick."  We will see what happens next month when I go for a trim.

This is kind of off subject, but I've been reading the article on the Karl Lagerfeld comments about Adele.  I was just thinking to myself, "wasn't Karl himself a little too fat all of 5 minutes ago." Oh how quickly some get amnesia.  He is so impertinent, but nothing he says surprises me.  He is known for his rude commentary. 

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