White Hot!

Nothing says spring more than white.   I hear a lot of women steer clear of white for the fear of looking larger. I find that to be a bogus reason to avoid a color.  My philosophy is that I will look my size no matter what color I wear.  Anyways, would you believe I  have had these pant for 4 years. I bought them, but couldn't fit them.  I dropped a few pounds and wah lah! 

Talbots, Shop Ruche, Plus Size blog, pretty in pink
Talbots, Shop Ruche, Plus Size blog, pretty in pink
Photo Credit: Aeneas Ford

I came across this Shop Ruche, which I thought you would be interested in.  It's an all inclusive boutique that carries plus size.  Whoever the buyer is does a great job with the selections and tres' economical price points.  
Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald
Random thought:  Anytime I see someone in something white and chic I think of this line from Pretty in Pink.

Blaine: can you tell me what you think of this?

Andy: Lawerance Welk
Quote: Oh it's hot... white hot!! 

I love this line even though I'm still not exactly sure what she meant by white hot -- I just assumed if something was white and it was hot..it was white hot...LOL.