1/2 of FFFWeek Day 2

Ok, I know I've been slackin' on my pimpin, but the internet at the hotel was out for two whole days.  Day 2, I actually assisted with the styling of the JIBRI Fall Collection at the Indie show.  Call time was at 2:30, so again I need to be able to do a quick change from day to night.  I have figured out that NYC is a city where you need to be able to do a night to night change without going back home. This time I decided to do a quick bottom/shoe change.  

Me with stylist Reah Norman - Top: Diane von Furstenburg $200 via Nordstrom Rack (top in a size 10), Skirt - QVC $83, Belt - Michael Kors $50

After finishing my duties I did a quick change -- I will not disclose the place where I changed, but there are probably still a few men still scratching their heads.

My night time look consisted of: Full length high waist skirt from JIBRI $110 (it was in a specialty silk shantung fabric -- it was absolutely gorgeous), Top - Diane von Furstenburg $200 via Nordstrom Rack, Earrings - Karla's Closet Roman Luxe Triangle $66, Shoes - J Renee via Nordstrom Rack $99
I absolutely loved every pieces of my look for the Indie show.  The combination of designers  and the fabrics just had me so excited.  Let me just also say that I LOVE my earrings from Karla Deras Roman Luxe Collection.  I know I will probably pick up a couple more pieces.  Now, I took a lot of back stage photos, because that's where I was.  I really caught just the tail end of the Indie show, but I am happy to share what I have.  The following photos are of the JIBRI 2012 Fall Collection.  Check out Jasmine of JIBRI in her super cute silk jumpsuit.  Oh and can you say LEATHER!!!!

Stay tuned for more blog posts on FFFWeek.  I will probably do three more.  There are so many pictures, it is probably better for me to break it up.  Getting ready for the show was intense, but honestly they always are.  Tell me what you think so far.