Designer to Watch: Youtheary Khmer

Let's just say the "Designer to Watch" segments are my favorite.  I love that the plus size community basically says that if you won't give the fashion we want we will make fabulous clothes for ourselves.  That's exactly what designer, Theary Sims of Youtheary Khmer, did.  Her collection is fun, flirty, and full of life. An added bonus is that almost everything in this line is under $100.  And for you FFF Week attendees, this designer will be showing at the Independent Designer's feature Friday night.  To me this line fills the H&M/Zara void in the plus size community.  I always go in those stores loving the funness (yes I made that word up) and youthfulness of those clothes, but of course I generally can't wear their clothes.  This lines gives the plus size girl an option of that look. 

What are my favorites? I am loving the color block dress and those purple wide leg trousers.  They are both just adorable.  What are your favorite pieces?

You can purchase these pieces at others at the Youtheary Khmer here.  

***Update:  Since the I posted this yesterday the collection actuatlly sold out, but will be available for preorders. Congrats to this designer.