Not Photoshopped!

When Feel More Better approached me I knew I had to support.  They sent me two "not photoshopped" tees, one for me and one for a lucky winner.  It's a great message to not just women, but young girls as well.  It's important that we are happy with how we look today and not compare ourselves to unrealistic images.  If nothing else, I hope my blog does it's part in showing that you dictate how you look and feel about yourself, not society.  I don't talk about these topics a lot, but since the whole "fatkini" criticisms it really opened my eyes to the negativity to someone embracing who they are. Anyways, let's not get too heavy for a Friday night.  I got a hot date that I am getting ready for *wink.  

Outfit Logistics:  Top: Feel More Better $72, Leggings - Nakimuli $80, Bag - Mulberry for Target $50 (super old), Jacket - Archive Vintage $25, Earrings - Karla Deras Roman Luxe $66 (I know Ive been wearing the hell out of these, but I love them so), Shoes - Nordstrom  Rack $50
Quick story about these shoes --- I did actually fall off of them in the parking deck of my apartment and I skinned my knee.  I get the "I suck" award.  It's just now starting to heal.  Why am I always falling.  I have to do better!

Also,  I know you have been seeing the Chase Small Business messages going around.  I would love to open a plus size boutique and I am have joined the race.  Please take a moment and vote for me at  The business name is under none other than Garner Style.  I am 162 votes away from qualifying.  Voting ends tomorrow night.  Love you and thanks for your support!

Oh and enter to win the tee.  I know I just did one of these, but I'm trying to catch up with things after being out of town nearly two weeks. Enter through the rafflecopter. Ways to enter are  listed there.  Please note this is a cropped tee and I put a black tank underneath.  This tee is in a XXL and is pretty roomy.  

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