A Torrid Affair

Jessica Kane(from the Life and Time of Jessica Kane) & Torrid collaborated and threw a blogger soiree to launch their new stiletto jean.  Bloggers got the first look of the new jean, tried on, and pick a pair to have sent to them.  I can't wait to receive mine.  From first glance, they seemed comfortable, stylish, and fit like a glove.  I had on my girdle while trying them on (as you can see from the bulges below), so I really didn't get a chance to move around in them and see if they pass the "Chas Booty Test."  Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I am not a jean girl.  Reason being is because jeans are a hard fit for me and walking around pulling on jeans to get them to stay up is not my idea of chic or comfy.  Also, I detest of the idea of south cleavage.  So the "Chas Booty Test, consists of walking around in pair of jeans to test comfort, because believe it or not my dresses and skirts are really comfortable, and to test how the jeans will move with me.  Once I get and wear the jeans I will let you know.  
I figured I would go ahead and post this dress.  I got a lot of questions of where it's from.  It's a JIBRI dress that I purchased over a year ago and just found the perfect event to wear it to.  Now that I am looking at this picture, I wish I would have added a necklace.    

So I just figured out that even though I have this nifty new camera my memory card needed replacing (it's at least 4 years old), hence a lot of my pictures aren't accessible.  Please don't hate me if I didn't post your picture.  I am missing so many pics...I had to picture jack from other folks at the events.