Fancy Fedora

I've been wanting to pick up a fedora for a while now and then I saw Rez' London Fog fedora and said, "that's it I'm going to finally buy one."  I picked up two.  I got a London Fog via Ebay and this one I'm wearing is from Urban Outfitters.  I am usually a little leery of hat just because my head is on the big side.  I did figure out if you buy men's hats the width is more generous.  Anyways, this was my mall getup for a hair appointment, a quick look around, and partaking in my favorite grilled avocado salad (via Snappy Salads).  I just went in for a haircut.  I'm kind of between hair styles right now, so I just my hair trimmed and a little more evened out.  I figure I will decide on some new definitive style right before I go to New York Fashion Week.   Oh, did I mention I was and this is my first one? Obviously, I am pumped.  Even though NYC kicked my butt last time, I am going back.  I am a glutton for punishment.  I am, however, conditioning myself for the walking (along with just trying to get into better shape) with walking daily.  Pray for me, my feet (and the rest of me, for that matter) will need it.  

Outfit Logistics:  Top: Banana Republic $24, Pants:  JIBRI $170, Shoes - Ninewest (similar), Belt - Michael Kors $33, Watch - Michael Kors $180, Hat - Urban Outfitters $15