Grocery Store Chic

So I actually do not wear a ball gown to the grocery store.  Lately, I've been getting the question of do I "dress up" to go to the grocery store?  Exception: If I am going after the gym I am in gym clothes.  Today, I had to run into Target for some groceries and garment racks.  (My closet is a monster right now and I have to get it under control).  This is what I wore.  Did it take a little thought?  Yes.  Did it take me more than 10 minutes to put together? No.  I made a personal decision to make an effort in my appearance every time I hit the door for a few reasons.  One, you never know who you are going to meet.  It could be a potential job, a client, or an ex-boyfriend (because you have to make them feel like they lost the best thing they ever had, just sayin).  It's like your mom's clean underwear/ambulance theory.  Anything could happen, so why not be prepared.  Two, I hate feeling sloppy I swear it ruins my entire day.  I am a strong component for the look good/feel good theory.  Finally, people are willing to be nicer to you when it comes to customer service.  Sad, but true.  When people connect with you, because they like something you have on they are so much more pleasant.  Yesterday, my hunny bunny and I got a huge discount on our lunch just because the cashier liked my dress.  It is especially handy when dealing with retail, doing returns, and etc.  

Speaking of my monster of a closet,  I am having a sale on my online shop.  Dresses $30, Bottoms/Skirts $20, and Tops $10.  I have bought entirely too much stuff, my closet is over flowing.  As pieces sell, I will be adding more.  You can stop by here. Oh and check out the Clements Ribeiro Collection at Evans, it's on super sale and I loved the pieces that I got.  

Outfit Logistics:  Top:  Clements Ribeiro for Evans $35, Denim: Ashley Stewart $18, Shoes - ShoeDazzle $40, Clutch - H&M $24, Lip Color - MAC Sail La Vie $14, Sunglasses - GW Boutique (or Goodwill gifted from a co-worker)