The Wide Calf Boot Edition

It's officially September and it's time to get ready for fall fashion.  In the past, only a few retailers were offering the wide calf boot.  Now things are different.  Every year the selections get better as more retailers and brands are offering boots for all.  I wanted to take the time to point out some fabulous boots that can accommodate all sizes and budgets.   Personally, it's time for me to update my wardrobe with two pairs this fall.  When I buy boots, I like to purchase them for the long haul of at least 3 years or more, so I will go with a more quality boot. 

The size of a regular boot is 13 - 14 inches.  A wide calf boot can range from 16 -20 inches, depending on the retailer.  If you grab your tape measure and wrap the tape around the thickest portion of your calf you will get your calf width.  Don't be discouraged if you see that the wide calf boot is smaller than your calf is, most of these boots have a piece of elastic that will accommodate 1 to 2 more inches.   I have also found that the larger your shoe size, the wider the boot shaft.  My calf measures 19 inches.  Please note that leather does stretch as well.  So you may find that you at the beginning of the Fall your boots were a little snug and by the end of winter they are loose. 

In terms of care, the last pair of boots I had were leather and I kept them for almost 10 years.  I bought them from the Lane Bryant catalog (remember that?!? LOL).  At the beginning of every fall I would take them to the boot repair and have them shined, have the sole reinforced, and have them re-heeled.    Probably cost me no more than $30 and allowed me to keep my shoes looking new.