All Hallows' Eve

I've been a little slow on blogging, because I've been traveling.  My first phase of trip is over.  I visited Atlanta to style two photo shoots, have a meet & greet, attended a Halloween party, photographed for the New York Times (that's cray) and a partridge in a pear tree.  I'm now in my hometown of Brunswick, Georgia.  

The best part of my trip to Georgia is that I get to dress up for Halloween twice! The obvious was the Halloween party held for Aries Merritt (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and a client I styled for some promo shots ~ pics soon to come).  Find him here.  I will also get to dress up again to take my nieces and nephews trick or treating.  I'm not sure what I am going to be the 2nd go 'round, but for the first I attempted Black Swan.  I was hoping to have a make up artist to do my makeup, but this was actually my own attempt.   The great thing about this costume is I pretty much had everything on hand.  I bought a feather boa and super glued it to the top portion.  I also bought the tiara.  I may have been a tad excited about having a good reason to crown myself.  

Plus Size Halloween Costume, Black Swan

Plus Size Halloween Costume, Black Swan

Halloween Makeup
I so wish I had my sister & MAC MUA in San Diego to do my Halloween makeup.  She goes  all the way out with crazy fun looks.  I thought these would be fun to share and are great ideas for Halloween.  The first is an owl and the second is pop art.  Check her out here.  Happy Halloween all!