Birfdays & Bras

Beautiful, but functional,  I was given a Curvy Couture Bra & Panty Set to try.  As of now, it's the most beautiful bra that I own.  Wearing the set makes me think of the first scene of the Devil Wears Prada where all the fashion girls are getting ready for work in their beautiful lingerie.  I love wearing luxurious undergarments.  It's the secret that nobody knows, but makes you feel extra powerful.  Almost like you are carrying a concealed weapon, like some kind of curvy kryptonite.  

The bras are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.  Of course, I chose the leopard set.  As beautiful as the bras are I expected them to cost more, but they hover around $55 and go up to a size 44DD and will soon go up to a 44H.  Check out Curvy Couture here

Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture

This year for my "birfday," Curvy Couture and I going to give you something way better than a new sweater.  Two readers have a chance to win a bra and panty set from Curvy Couture.  There are multiple ways to enter this sexy giveaway below.  Winners announced on my birthday, October 17.  Good Luck!