JIBRI's Mystery Collection

A lot of pieces have recently popped up on the JIBRI website lately.  I'm wondering where the heck did all these new pieces come from?  Are they are apart of a collection?  This can't be the holiday line, for lack of the holiday feel.  So what is it? 

I actually sent the designer a few questions, because I was too nosey not to ask.  JIBRI explained that she will be adding pieces every few weeks that aren't necessarily part of her collection, but that she felt she wanted to creatively get out of her "system."  She says, "There not enough seasons for me to do all that is in me artistically and I don't want to be restricted by cohesion of a collection every time I want to create a garment. Truth be told, I am also a fabric junkie.  When JIBRI started out I could use these unique fabrics knowing that I would only be able to make 2-3 pieces. Now because of JIBRI's success I can't use such unique fabrics in my regular collections. but I will be able to use them for this new chapter.  This gives my customer the chance to have a piece that is so exclusive that they may be only 1 of 3 girls in the world that own that particular piece."  I also inquired about some of the under $100 price points of many of the items.  JIBRI said, "I really want every woman that wants to wear JIBRI to be able to obtain that special piece for themselves.    These new and, what some may consider, unsystematic pieces will create that avenue for JIBRI."  

Well there you have it.  What do you think of these new mystery pieces?