Cape Me Away!


I've decided to stay home today to avoid any crazy situations.  As I don't believe in any Mayan predictions, I do believe that people are crazy.  And in a state where gun rights are running around all willy nilly, I think it better to sit myself at home today (my husband and the dog aren't allowed to leave either).  I have never done crazy well.  Anyways,  yesterday I was flooded with questions about my winter cape, so I decide to a quick blog on my cape and where you can find one for yourself. I bought my cape from La'dan's Closet.  They are a company that carries plus size coats.  If you ventured over to the website you also see a lot of the items were out of stock.  This particular coat was priced at $435, as I know that may not be in budget for some I went on the look for capes to recommend to you that were a full range of styles and prices.  Check out other styles of capes by just searching for them on 

First off, when looking for any vintage-esk item, I always turn to Etsy.  They would be your best bet on finding something you want and maybe even getting a good deal.  Second,  the great thing about this item is that for the most part it is a one size fits all deal.  When looking for your cape, the seller will list the shoulder, bust, or hip width of the cape. If the coat has structured shoulders, the main thing I would concern myself with is the shoulder width.  You want to consider if your shoulders are wide, medium or narrow build, so that the coat isn't ill-fitted.  Past that, it should be a really easy fit.  Some of the capes below don't come with a belt, feel free to add in your own belt.  Just bring the belt through the armholes and around the waist for a more structured look.  
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