Dream Girl

JIBRI Dress, Plus size high fashion
Last night, I attended a premier for the indie movie, The Tents.  It's a documentary that tells the story of New York Fashion Week and Bryant Park, from how it got started to how it ended.  I thought the movie was very good, informative, and very entertaining, if you are a fashion-lover or developing an interest in fashion, it's definitely worth seeing.    That's all I'm going to say so I don't spoil anything for anyone.  Check out the trailer here.  

Surprisingly enough, I just bought a black dress for the first time in years.  As a woman and a blogger that is plus size, I feel it so important that wear and show a variety of looks in different colors and patterns to dispel any myths that we can't wear this or that.  Sometimes, even without realizing it, I feel that like I have something to prove with my clothes.  It made me overlook the little black dress.  I finally just broke down and bought one, I actually plan on riding this one out for the next half decade.  I coupled this look with just a straight up comb out of my curls.  I felt very Diana Ross.  I wanted to open my hands and say, "oooohhhhh ahhhhhhhh."  LOL.

JIBRI dress, high fashion plus size clothing line
Outfit:  Dress - JIBRI $250, Belt - Asos $30, Shoes - Target - $30

plus size high fashion, JIBRI dress