Summer Shapewear

Plus size shape wear

I'm always getting questions on my shapewear and what I'm wearing underneath.  As summer is coming up and my travel plans start to heat up I'm definitely thinking about what will get me through.  I need something that in a way that is comfortable and has breathe-ability.  The warmer months generally encompass garments are are flowy, light, and airy.    I was recently sent a piece of shapewear from Full Beauty. When it came it and I tried it on, I was thinking this is a little too comfortable to give me the hold that I need, but as my trips came up I gave it a whirl.  I wear Spanx all the time, but that double layer thing they do doesn't allow much air to get through.  I often opt out of my shapewear while in the airport, but I actually wore this under my maxis while flying and I barely even felt it to be there.  I wore the piece above with every outfit on my last two trips and it worked out magnificently.   

This shapewear is perfect for loose fitting items, such as maxi dresses, baggy pants, flare skirts.  Some might ask, why would you wear shapewear under baggy items.  Well, the jumpsuit I recently wore was white, I needed something to drown out panty lines and the actual color of my undies.   I also wear them underneath the flare skirts and maxis for a couple of reasons.  One, I hate for my thighs to touch. It's uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation. Wearing a biker short-like shapewear and I dab a little Secret deodorant in the thigh area and it eliminates all that.   Another thing is I know that am amply stacked in the back.  I don't like the thought of me jiggly all over the place like soft cooked eggs at breakfast.  Just moving every which-a-way.  (This was ingrained in me from my mother).  So I wear light foundation to keep the jiggle in check.  

Note:  I want to note that this is not heavy duty foundation it does have some hold, but I think it works best under the less fitting items.  This is definitely what I would call an daytime foundation.  Great for when you going about your daily routine.  I need a new nighttime piece.  I'll let you know when I find one. 

**Hey yall, I'm in a moving process, so please forgive any slow posting.  :)