The Beacon

Plus size crop top, JIBRI, plus size high fashion
I definitely wanted to review that hotel that I stayed at.  From my personal experience, Miami South Beach hotels are either really good or really bad.  I've stayed in bad before and I just thank God I didn't end up with some kind of rash.  The Beacon, on the other hand, was very good.  It was an adorable hotel, it had an attentive staff.   I mean they knew your name and they really paid attention to who was "supposed to be" in the hotel and who wasn't.  I would like to note that the rooms are very New York Style in that they are very small and the bathroom, although very nice and pretty, will give you claustrophobia.  I also stayed one night at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami, which was regular size and conducive with all other Hyatt Recency's I've stayed at.  My assumption is that they built the rooms small and compact, so they could fit as many tourists in as possible.  Anyways, The Beacon is on Ocean Dr and very much in the middle of everything.  It was clean, had nice soft and cushy beds, and the decor was beautiful.  We spent $400/night to stay, but it was a popular weekend and we booked at the last minute.  My guess if you book in advance, you probably could get between $200 - $300/night.  I can't really think of any negatives, but probably because I wasn't every at the hotel that long.  I also had some packages delivered to the hotel before I even got there and they held them for me with no issues. Overall, I give this hotel two thumbs up and I would definitely stay again.  

Note:  The JIBRI outfit is two pieces.  It's a little hard to tell.  She offers a mini length and a long length in all of the high waist flare skirts. I just like mine long.  
The Beacon Hotel Miami

Plus size crop top, JIBRI, plus size high fashion

Plus size crop top, JIBRI, plus size high fashion
Outfit:  Bra Top - JIBRI, Skirt - JIBRI, Belt - Arden B, Shoes - Aldo (similar)
 Due to my "non knowing" how to use a camera friends, I had to re-shoot this. The Instagram photo is the original look.