Gone with the Wind Fabulous

Some of you saw this look on instagram. One of my instagram homies said it was "gone with the wind fabulous."   After my husband got home, we went for a quick ride.  He looked at me and said, "Are you riding in that?" I just looked and him and said, "don't come for me, I got this."   He fails to realize that shapewear = biker shorts.  Also, please excuse my ruffle on my shirt, it kept flying up.

Style Note:  I love this skirt, but I don't love wearing Halloween colors.  Black and Orange equal Halloween in my eyes.  Black and Navy equal a way better option that won't have anyone mistaking me for a pumpkin..LOL.  Black and orange are a hard combo to wear,  I still haven't mastered it.  

Outfit Details:  Top - Banana Republic Outlet (similar), Skirt - JIBRI,  Shoes - Steve  Madden (similar)