I Love Haters

So this is a post that I am reluctantly doing, really because I don't like acknowledge haters.  I also like to keep everything fashion related.   Most recently, I was featured on Fashion Bomb.  Now, I'm very aware of Fashion Bomb's readers and how they react to the plus size fashion bomb of the day.  They are very predictable.  The audacity that a fat girl might love herself and try to show off in some cute outfits.  Now in the words of Beyonce, "I love haters."  You need them.  They get the crowd going.  In the last few days, I've gotten so much traffic just from their rants and raves on my weight.  That works wonderfully, because through their rants and raves women who needed that encouragement to love themselves find my blog and other plus size fashion blogs.  Anytime I can help someone accept themselves, I'm all for that.  

To my readers.  I love yall.  Yall go toe to toe for me. I got so many emails about the comments.  Honestly, when I'm on a site like that, I stay away from the comments, which is unfortunate because a majority of the commenters are really positive.  There's no need for me to read what I already know is gonna be said.  It usually goes like this - you're fat, you need to lose weight, stop eating...blah blah blah blah blah.  Which is fine, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Members of the Ku Klux Klan get to have freedom of speech, why shouldn't they?  

Here are some of the best comments
(By best, I mean these "women" went in & I didn't correct their grammar & spelling)


I just dont feel comfortable saying that shes fashionable.her size bothers me. Shes too big. She won’t live to c 40 if she keeps it up. How does she keep herself clean?what man really wants to be seen with a woman that out of shape. Get some cute workout outfits and live in the gym. Being obese will never looking good with or without clothing.

Who Gone Check Me

At the end of the day she’s still morbidly obese and IDC what way any of you try to sugar coat it. Get it together and lose weight. People like you are the reason the First Lady has to force schools to implement fitness & dietary programs. No self control I tell you! And then the rest of us are expected to coddle you with sensitivity and encouraging comments. NO! You’re not curvy. You’re OBESE. There’s no way she feels good about being that size. There’s no way she’s comfortable bc the human body isn’t designed to support that much weight and she’ll know when her heart and joints start to give out. Fucking pansies stay trying to convince folks you can be healthy and overweight. “love yourself big girls”. Yes love yourself enough to take care of yourself. This is no different than being dangerously in the fashion industry. Its unhealthy and unnatural. If a 90lbs girl got up here y’all fat asses would tell her to go eat! So I’m telling you Chasity to back away from the fucking table. Nobody is overweight because they can’t help it. She’s overweight bc she’s lazy.


I love, love, love this bobmshells style but I can’t help but to notice significant weight gain which worries me! Plus-sized and style indeed belong in the same sentence just as love and health do! Sure we love Chastity ‘s style but if we love Chastity we would not totally ignore this mere fact. Chastity, if you are reading this, please do not take offense. As a woman who has struggled with weight all my life, as many of us have, I am in support of you, the best you! Losing the weight is not about style, it is about health! On Chastitys fourth post as a Bombshell (because I hope she is sure to return) I’d like to see not just her classic style but her progress in being the healthiest Chastity there has ever been! Nothing but love…Kei  (I love this one is particular because I'm actually a few pounds lighter than I was on my submission a year ago and this is the perfect nice- nasty combo LOL)

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My main reason for writing this is because I know that some let internet bullies ruin their day and some even let them take their lives away.   You see too often where children and adults let people's comments on the internet affect them drastically.   Now, I've been fat all my life.  I guess you can say, "I was born this way."  The fat kids are usually easy targets, so I've been well seasoned in bullies.  Fortunately for me, I was tall as well as big and I was pretty good in sports, which left me as somewhat of a popular kid.  The last time I let a bully affect my life was when I was 13 years old.  I've accepted myself and who I was and what I looked like a long time ago.  I know some are not as strong in their self loving as me.  I want those people to know that these people don't count.  They just don't. Don't be afraid to live your life and to shine as bright as you can, because you are afraid what somebody else might say.   To my parents: my mother told me and my siblings we were beautiful all the time, even though I was put on diet plan after diet plan during my youth, my mom still made it clear that I was beautiful.  It is so important to let your kids know how fabulous they are.  This is why I am the confident and happy woman I am today.  Keep shining and I love yall!