Red Carpets, Insta-Celebrities, & the Colorful Congo

Rachel Pally, Rachel Pally Plus Size
On Friday, I decided to muddle around the shopping event before I got ready for the Indie Show.  I was so comfortable in this dress gifted to me from Rachel Pally.  After the previous day of being dressed to the nines all day long, it was so nice to still have a put together look, but still be comfortable.  

The plus size designer of the year was Rue114.  I had seen this line a few months before and was already familiar with this season's look.  I must say that I don't think the photos translated as well as the looks did on the runway.  On the runway, I guess you can say "I got it." It was the like the Congo meets Betsey Johnson.  It was totally fabulous, colorful, and out of the box from what I have seen previously from this designer.  Rue114 definitely slayed the show and let you know why she was voted Designer of the Year.   

Event Note:  Lawwwwdd Ha'mercy (in my most countrified voice) From the Rez to the City spilled all the beans about FFFWeek.  I was thinking about talking about this on this post, but I feel like I'm always the bad guy.   Go and check out her very honest and true critiques of the event.  You can find it here.  This was my 3rd time attending and these issues seem to get worse every year.  (1st year I was apart of the fashion front, 2nd year I worked as a stylist, 3rd year I went as just a guest).  I always get asked the question, Do you think I should attend FFFWeek?  I always say that you should go at least once and then make the decision from there, because my experience might not be yours.  For someone like me who is a full time blogger, it's like a chance to get to talk to other bloggers (the majority of which are like sorority sisters), network with companies, and work.   So if nothing else it affords those opportunities.  A lot of the things I do take place outside of the event, itself. As far as the fashion goes...ehhh.  An then you have your Insta-celebrities. (Insta-Celebrity - One who has a great sense of importance and faux fame from the fact that they have a substantial following on Instagram) who throw more shade than a California Sequoia.  Again read Rez' blog for more info on those knuckleheads.  Brava Rez! 

Rue 114
Rue 114
Outfit 1:  Dress - Rachel Pally (soldout), Sandals - Vince Camuto, Necklace - Vintage/Outfit 2:  Top & Pants - JIBRI, Necklace - Nordstrom,  Earrings - Karla Deras,  Shoes - Gifted (similar), clutch - JCPenney