Celebrity Style Capture: Rihanna

I've been wanting to do a Rihanna style capture post for so long, but she is so hard to replicate.  Her body type is hard for me to relate to and the bold items that she wears are something that is hard to pull off, especially when you add in plus sizes.  (I tend to try to stick to celebrities with a similar body type to my own.)   A lot of the items that she wears are rarely offered in plus size fashion without some sort of alteration.  She takes casual to the level of chicness that I have yet to see many celebrities accomplish.  I see Miley Cyrus trying and succeeding sometimes, but seldom to the level of Rihanna.  The funny thing is even through all of her amazing outfits, it's her rockstar attitude that always sends her looks launching into orbit.   This further reiterates my belief that attitude and confidence can be the most important thing you wear.  To be honest, I felt pretty bad ass in this look.  I was ready to slam a paparazzi camera on to the ground, but there was no paparazzi, just my husband and I didn't want to slam my own camera.  HA! For those wanting to accomplish this look, but may not be comfortable with the mid drift showing you can add a simple black tank.  I definitely will wear this to the airport with the tank.  I'm always cold in airports.  

Style Note:  For the first time, I am actually ordering ASOS pants.  I am totally confused with the sizing.  They run really big and I tried a 24, sent those back and sized down to a 22. I could have still sized down one more size.  I wish the ankles of these pants were tighter and the waist was big and I added my own tie string.  I still haven't mastered their pants sizing yet.  I've really been doing a lot of trial and error to determine my sizing.  I also altered the sweatshirt myself with just a pair of scissors. 

Outfit:  Top - Old Navy, Pants - ASOS, Shoes - Macys (similar), Lip - MAC Ruby Woo