8 Fabulous Wide Width Shoes for Fall

Wide Width Shoes, Torrid, Lane Bryant, SimplyBe

Shoes - From Top Left:  SimplyBe, Torrid, DSW, From Middle Left: Evans, Lane Bryant, From Bottom Left:  DSW, Nordstrom, Evans

Fashionable and wide are two terms that just don't seem to exist when looking for shoes.  It is so difficult to find wide cute shoes.  It took me days just to be able to put this post together. Being blessed with both a wide instep and big feet, I'm always on the look out for that rare combination.  It's kind of like spotting that chicken on Orange is the New Black.  (Yes, that is my new show!) Anyways, I often frequent Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack for their wide widths and size 11s, but it's important to know that other places that carry wide shoes exist. Your plus size clothing retailers will often carry them if they have a shoe section.  If they don't carry wide widths, their shoes will generally have a wider fit.  Don't be discouraged by the nurse shoes, keep looking, because you can usually find one or two pair of shoes that are totally fancy. It's all about being patient and consistently looking at these sites for new arrivals.  This brings me to my next point, buy your shoes sparingly.  I don't have a slew of shoes anymore. With a knee surgery behind me, shoe pain being the most ungodly pain on the face of the earth, and just being older, I can't take uncomfortable shoes.  I'd rather wear three girdles that are three sizes too small than to endure the pain caused by a pair of vengeful pumps. With that being said, I'm always willing to wait for that perfect pair of shoes that I can both walk in, have some comfort for 3 to 4 hours, and above everything...is fabulous.  I'd rather pay for one pair of shoes that are gorgeous and a great fit than 10 pair that I can barely walk in.