Denim Date Night

Old Navy Plus Size Denim Outfit, Old Navy Chambray Top
Date nights are usually made for dressing up, but I decided to switch it up.  For some reason or another my husband loves when I go casual.  I think he just wants what he usually doesn't get.  Just like a man...LOL. Anyways, I've been on the quest for denim for a couple reasons.  One, you guys always ask me about it and I just don't have a lot of experience buying denim. I want to step up my game, so I can have some insight. Two, I am really working on my casual game.  This post includes an entire look from Old Navy.  They invited me to partner with them on a post.  I thought it was the perfect time to revisit their denim.  I used to buy their jeans a few years back when I was a bit smaller and loved the fit then.  My main love of the fit is the fit of the waist.  I hate that "gap in the back" that come from having wider hips and a smaller waist.  It can cause you to be tugging on your clothes and pulling up your jeans the entire night.  These jeans fit snugly around my waist and probably the best waist fit that I've worn thus far.  

I often get the question from women size 24+, where they can find clothes.  A lot of brands just go up to a 24 and there is a large group of women that are sized out.  Old Navy goes up to a size 30.  Ladies make sure you note it and file it away in your shopping directory.  Oh and to our Canadian neighbors to the north, Old Navy Plus Sizes are now available to you too, but you must visit the Canada specific site to place your order.  

Style Note:  Don't expect a tremendous amount of stretch in these jeans.  You need to get your true size.   Use the size chart and go from there.  Denim shirts are a must have in any girl's wardrobe.  I'm loving this one, there is no stretch and I wanted it to fit my hips, I bought a 3X.  I know you guys are like, "Boots in August."  Well around here people wear boots all year long.  I thought it was close enough to September for me to get in on the fun and a great time to provide some Fall inspiration.  It's already time to be on lookout for your next pair of boots, all the good sizes sell out quick when Fall really gets underway.  
Old Navy Plus Size Denim Outfit, Old Navy Chambray Top

Old Navy Plus Size Denim Outfit, Old Navy Chambray Top
Outfit:  Top, Denim, & Sweater - Old Navy, Boots - Lane Bryant,  Lip - MAC Violetta (only available at the pro store)

Post sponsored by Old Navy.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.