My Shapewear

SimplyBe Gok Wan shape wear

The number one question that I get asked is, "what shapewear do you use?"  I took a lot for me to do these quick shots, but I really wanted you to see what I'm using and that I definitely don't have some magical flat stomach.  I thought about doing a full shoot, but I really don't do the sexy lingerie thing well.  I'm very awkward when it comes to that.   This is close enough to putting all my business in the streets.  Anyways, recently, I did a clean out of my shapewear and bought all new pieces.  It's important to do this ever so often.  Shapewear can stop doing it's job from continual wash and wear.  I chose to buy everything from the SimplyBe Gokwan collection, just because I thought it was both adorable and effective.  I'll do a quick review of each piece that I'm using.  

SimplyBe Gokwan Pull on Pant (Top Left)  - This is my favorite and one that I wear all the time.  It prevents my thighs from rubbing and smooths cellulite. This one also has boning in the waist, which is awesome for smoothing.  Also,  the legs on this shaper are made to prevent that bubble effect on the thigh.  This one is great under body con dresses and flare skirts.    

SimplyBe Gokwan Slip (Top Right) - I never thought that I could wear the shapewear slips, but this one proved me wrong.  It stays in place and works like a charm.  This is excellent if you are worried about what your shapewear looks like when you are with your boo thang.  It's sexy, but still works as good as all the others.  If you are worried about your thighs rubbing, wear this one with hosiery.  

SimplyBe Gokwan Slicker Knicker - When I first started wearing shapewear this was the first type that I wore.  I stopped wearing them because they would ride up causing the most unbearable wedgie (TMI).  The Gokwan design prevents this from happening.  This is almost built like a boyshort, which helps to prevent the riding up effect.  These are awesome to wear during the summer if you are worried about keeping cool.

Some might ask, why do you wear shapewear?  For me, I just like a smooth appearance and I like for my clothing to lay well.  I do have a large hip to waist ratio (There is a 23 inch difference), which allows me to a well defined waist, but it's not a smooth transition from the waist to the hip.  Shapewear helps me to smooth out that transition and create more of a curve instead of the cliff that I would have.  I would also like to say that you should have realistic expectations for your foundation.  I have chosen foundation that is comfortable enough for me to wear everyday, but is strong enough to give me that smooth appearance that I'm looking for.  It will be smooth, but I know that shapewear is not going to make me look smaller or even give me a different body shape.  

Style Note:  I bought a size 24 in each piece.  I thought these ran big and I would probably size down one.  I would like to throw out a few recommendations for the apple, rectangle, and upside triangle shapes.  Anything with boning in the waist is going to help you shape and define your waist.  The high waist panty or a over all body shaper are both excellent choices.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  I'm always happy to help.