Casual Connections Part 1

So there are those events in life that fall into the casual realm of dressing, but you have no idea of what to wear.  You want to be cute, but not overdressed. You want to be put together, but comfortable.  Old Navy is having a Skinnies sale through October 2 (starting at $19) and I thought this would the perfect opportunity to incorporate their skinnies into those "I can't figure out what I should wear for this event" type situations.  There will be two parts, which will also include another $100 Old Navy Gift Card (yeah!) and some style inspirations for some common casual scenarios.   I hope these provide a little inspiration and get you into some really cute skinnies.  

Pants - Old Navy, Jacket - Lane Collection (soldout), Top - Macys, Boots - DSW, Scarf - H&M, Hat - Urban Outfitters

Scenario 1:  Outdoor Concert -- Fall is coming up, but there are still a few outdoor concerts to attend.  It's awesome to listen to music in an outdoor environment, but with the weather changing, so layers are a must.  I included my boots to combat any weather elements, anybody stepping on your foot (I hate that), for overall comfort, and they are just so darn cute.  This outfit allows you to get your "2-step" on, look hip in your snakeskin, and keep your feet in tact. 

Pants - Old Navy, Tee - Target, Sweater - Land's End, Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Bag - Phillip Lim for Target (sold out)

Scenario 2:  Fall Festive with the kids -  Hanging out with the kids at the local Fall Festival is so much fun, but you'll also be chitchatting with other parents, teachers, and representing your kids.  I remember always being proud that my mom was beautiful and that she always looked nice when she came to school to do something for me.  It was a little annoying when I when I got to high school though, because the boys always had something to say. She was never inappropriate, but was obviously attractive and well you know how teenage boys are. I still have a friend from high school that asks about her.  It drives me nuts!!!! Anyways, I know it gets real quick when you are out with the kids participating in carnival games, holding book bags, and whatever else you might have.   You want to look nice, but want to be able to move with ease.  I must say that these are my favorite out the bunch. I love the print. They have a good bit of stretch and are as comfortable as leggings, but they are a trouser.   

This post was sponsored by Old Navy Canada.  All the opinions are my own.