Celebrity Style Capture: Janelle Monae

Janelle Monet Style, Plus Size Celebrity Style
Janelle Monae, besides being just very talented,  walks a road less traveled in the entertainment industry.  She has controlled her image through very conservative, but stylish and polished clothing. She sells her music, her voice, her talent, but not her sexuality. Definitely apart of the girl power movement and considers herself somewhat of a feminist, she made me fall in love with her.  I've wanted capture her style for a while now.  I adore her in the Cover Girl commercials and applaud them for making her a one of their celebrity models.  They often showcase different non-traditional forms of beauty.  In a world, where young girls are subjected to overtly sexual images, she is definitely an alternative and more appropriate image for their young and impressionable minds.  As a woman in fashion, I often run into grown women who think the skin revealing, curve hugging form of sexy is the only goal/look to aspire to.  Like that is the only way to be attractive.  Janelle just stomps all over that.  She is beautiful, vibrant, and dare I say sexy in her own right.  Just for the record, I'm definitely not opposed to sexy and love artists like Beyonce who own their sexuality.  I, although they use different approaches, consider both Beyonce and Janelle Monae to be girl power promoters. Just some food for thought.    

Style Note:  This was an easy look to recreate. I even tried to do some of Janelle's animated poses.  Anyways, black and white is always a classic look however you wear it. Note on the suspenders.  Avoid the super cheap ones (the ones less than $5).  They will break or tear up in some sort of way.  

Top:  JCPenney (similar), Suspenders - Asos, Tie - Topman, Pants - JIBRI, Shoes - 6pm, Lip - MAC Red