GwynnieBee Outfit Post Review & ASOS skirt
I've been asked by a couple of readers, where do I like to shop in the San Jose area?  As a new resident of the area, Santana Row & Valley Fair Mall have quickly become my favorite places to look and shop. I frequent Kate Spade and H&M while never forgetting to pick up a sweet treat at Cocola Bakery (they have yummy macaroons).  As I was out roaming around Santana Row, I had this on.  I've been obsessed with the scuba material items since I saw Fashionettework wear a scuba skirt last year at Fashion Week.   Unfortunately, I still haven't found this material in plus sizes.  This skirt is from ASOS' regular sizes. It does have a lot of stretch and does have a good amount of give.  I bought the size 14.  
Style Note:  How cute is this shirt?!? It's so much fun.  It's actually a peplum top.  I just decided to wear tucked in.  The peplum is nice and long too.   I must say that I am really having fun with GwynnieBee.  I'm on my 4th shipment and it's going good.  Shipments are fast thus keeping new things rotating in and out my closet all the time.  As a blogger, this has become such an awesome service.  In addition,  I'm in love with this shade from MAC. It's only sold at the MAC Pro Store and is hard to come by.  I've worn it before, but I did look for a shade that would be similar and that would be easily accessible.  From my research, Milani Violet Volt is a similar shade.  Milani is an inexpensive brand found in most of drug stores.  I also lined my lips with a darker shade of purple as well.  Because of the darkness around my lips, I always line to keep the color as true as possible.   
Top:  GwynnieBee,  Skirt - ASOS, Sunnies - Chanel, Lip - Violetta (MAC Pro Store), Belt - Eloquii