Phillip Lim for Target & Plus Sizes

So most of us are up and trying to get a few pieces from Phillip Lim for Target.   So you may be wondering beside the accessories, "What can I get?"  I'll be ordering the pieces that I think will work for plus sizes and I thought I'd share my own thoughts on potential plus size compatibility.  Per the rumors, the line is said to run big.  I took into account the fabric content as well.  I'll be up tonight ordering and then I will get up in the morning to score the items I couldn't score online.  (Consumerism is awful isn't it?!? LOL.)  Anyways, I am on the west coast time so the I'm not getting the links as fast as others, so if you are wondering about if an item will work for plus and you don't see your item listed just check back and comment what you are wondering about.  As soon as I see an item that will fit plus, I promise I will upload it as quickly as I can.  

Phillip Lim for Target for Plus Sizes
The sparkle sweater should work because it's a sweater.  It will have give, because it's a knit. The sparkle tank has some stretch.  I think it would work tucked inside a anything high waist. 

The Boom Sweater Dress, depending on where they attach the dress part should work.  My guess is that the skirt portion is attached below the hip.  I didn't see any stretch, but the fabric is nylon and from what I can see online it probably does have some give.  The floral tank does have some stretch.  Tucked inside a high waist skirt, I think it should work perfectly.  

I'm in love with the the Animal Knit Dress.  It's a knit and it should work.  There's a possibility that it could be a little short.  If you are not comfortable with your legs being out, pair with leggings and I would do a lace up bootie.  The peplum top is ponte knit.  Ponte always has a decent amount of give to the fabric.  I think this can be worn tucked in or out. 

The Animal Print pullover should work.  It's a knit.  I'm loving this animal print.  I just threw in the satchel in for those who want the link.  The bags links are rare right now.  I really want that huge travel bag.  Anyway, I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any questions about anything. 

I looked at the women's moto jacket and I don't trust it.  It's probably lined and you are going to catch hell trying to get into it.  I would definitely go with the men's motorcycle jacket.  It's going to have more arm room.  The same goes for the button up.  The arm room should be increased and the overall sizing will be larger.  The cardi is a knit and will work.  I love men's cardigans.  

For your in-store searches, check this list for a Target near you that will be carrying the line. 

*** Update:  I went into the store and looked at the items.  Those pullover sweaters probably won't work.  The arms are made out of a sheer chiffon, so there is no stretch.  I hope this helps.  I didn't foresee the chiffon sleeves.  Oh! I ended up purchasing the leopard dress, the sparkle top, the sparkle sweater, the men's satchel, and the brown medium tote.